JRE MMA Show #9 with Jeff Novitzky

Joe Rogan sits down with Jeff Novitzky, who is currently the Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance for UFC.

48 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #9 with Jeff Novitzky

  1. Kinda surprised so many people gave this a thumbs down. I mean the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio is absolutely fantastic on this clip but this guy helps the UFC so much. Hes getting rid of scumbags like jon Jones and Vitor and bringing in new fresh talent that means more exciting fights throughout the whole card

  2. 1:20:35 Joe, I know you weren’t thinking about this during this time but I’m assuming the reason they use the padding on the knuckles isn’t for decreasing the force of a punch, it’s what I’m assuming is to prevent the knuckles from slicing and cutting open your opponents face. A bare knuckle to the face is like a hot butter knife through butter, it requires a minimal amount of force to slice someone open with a bare knuckle… can you imagine the amount of blood and mess from that? Just from people seeing such a terrifying scene, that would cause so much turmoil for the UFC.

  3. The thing is, UFC doesn't show us maximum human performance when it comes to fighting, basically, there are several juiced up dudes that beat the shit out of the current champions, actually these days most fighters are looking like shit, it makes me realize that all the other sports are juiced up to the tits, because people "look like an athlete" in other sports and in the UFC people look like regular gym goers.

  4. Jesus Joe you don't control these fighters life's. You don't just randomly decide what's best for them and the sport when you've never competed in mma at all. I love Joe but seriously every podcast is just him thinking his ideas are just so much better then everyone's and he's the grandmaster of fighting safety

  5. This dude is such a rat bastard! Such an unethical piece of shit! Makes me cringe listening to his bullshit. I'm not sure what's worse, if he's knowingly blowing smoke up our asses or if he genuinely believes in his bullshit… I have to go with a combination of both.

  6. Absolutely ridiculous comments about the mental game.. ‘of any athlete, of any sport’.. I can think of plenty of professional sports on par or that would eclipse it.. see ya in the line up at Teahupoo in Tahiti bro

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