Kiev Independence Day Parade Flaunts Artillery and Armor: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 71)

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On August 23, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to discuss Ukraine’s place in the context of Europe. She also offered 500 million euros for the reconstruction of the Donbas region. The following day, a military parade was held in Kiev, in which high profile armor and artillery was displayed to crowds. Meanwhile, rebels in Donetsk held a counter march in Donetsk where they paraded their prisoners of war, as onlookers threw trash at the captives. 
Despite the high spirits at the Kiev parade, the display of equipment and artillery was perceived as a slap in the face to those fighting for Ukraine on the frontline — many of who are dying because they don’t have the artillery and military equipment they need to put up a fight.
VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky attended the parade and interviewed members of volunteer battalions, who recounted their experiences on the frontline.

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42 thoughts on “Kiev Independence Day Parade Flaunts Artillery and Armor: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 71)

  1. I am from Pakistan and I will tell to you all that please dont fall prey to this european and american propaganda. U are all same u have been divided like koreans, like pakistani and indians. I am myself Pashtun ethnic and we were divided by Britts because they could never rule the whole Pashtun body.

  2. Appeal to the European Union and other countries that support Ukraine: The first thing I can say is a great thank you for the support both of arms and money. But Ukraine will not last long if it continues for too long. The country is hard to bear this war. But the European Union understands this, but something more needs to be done. It must be understood that this Ukrainian-Russian war with Russia is not a problem for Ukraine alone, it's a problem for the whole EU beyond Ukraine. In other words, Ukraine is now the front that protects the European Union from this Russian Monster. Thousands of Ukrainians have already died in the war and continue mumble there every month. Yesterday was another dead Ukrainian from a sniper shot. Pleas understand this. Ukraine need support. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to EU!

  3. USA and NATO open this doors for separatist when they attack independed and nutral country of Serbia taking a large part of it and giving it to terrorists to create "new Albania state".Guess Albania was to small.And now that is happening to Ukraina……

  4. Idea: why not house all of Merkels Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, Yemeni&Nigerian 'migrants' in western Ukraine. It's pretty clear that Ukraine would benefit greatly from this wonderful diversity! That would really show Putin!!

  5. 3:35 Wow wow, "controversial because equipment is badly needed at the front" is a false statement. You may know, that Ukrainian troops aren't staying on the front line 24/7, they in what's called a rotation. So basically, the troops and equipment that we saw on the Independence Parade is out of the rotation. Troops, that are currently stationed along the front line are fully geared and equipped. I respect VICE and what you do, but please, if what you're saying is an opinion – identify it as such. People get an impression that Ukrainian men, fighting for the Independence are barehanded, which is not true. Summary: equipment shown is NOT "badly needed at the front".

  6. Putin:That's a nice little parade you've got there Ukraine….be a shame if someone were to …..blow it all up …..
    That's a ridiculous thing to do when you've got a legit war going on and your soldiers don't even have the capacity your parade does .

  7. Maybe these military resources should've been on the frontlines instead of looking nice and smart in a parade. And Merkel? She's one of the biggest arse kissers of Poo-tin. She's the least trustworthy leader in Europe and constantly hinders the international effort against Russian aggression.

  8. Volunteers? They were fighting for their country, their way of life and their lives. Id be pissed to seeing all of the shiny tanks and apcs if I was having to steal cars to move positions. Off topic here…what was the deal with the blonde in platform heels and camo? Lol…id be pissed off if i was a volunteer after seeing all of the shiny new unused gear on parade

  9. Poroshenko is kind of a fucking hypocrite. "Foreign Mercenaries" he said are whats stopping them from achieving victory and establishing "peace" in the war while he employs dozens to hundreds of foreign security contractors from Aegis, Greystone Ltd, and many others. Poles, Brits, few Americans, and even some Germans are fighting his war in the East. And all this fucking gear? Where are all this in Donbas? If you look for ANY combat footage in Eastern Ukraine here on Youtube, You'll see rotting T-64s, T-72s and BTRs older than Merkel herself supplied to Ukrainian forces and even those arent often supplied to those poor volunteer battalions or to the majority of those operating in the front/"Prom Zone". Not a single one of these new APCs, artillery or tanks are ever seen in combat footages and theres hundreds of them nor any of the American Humvees the US gave them a couple years ago. Poroshenko buys and begs NATO and the west for more gear but never uses them in actual combat and greedily store, keep, and hoardes them in Western Ukraine while true Ukrainian patriots from unpaid volunteer battalions fight and die with small arms and old RPGs against T-80BVs and Grads from the separatists. Im no Russian troll or even Pro-Russian Im actually from a Nato country as well. Its simply infuriating on how hypocritical and greedy Kiev and Poroshenko is to its own armed forces and people.

  10. No one wants to give the crooks in Kiev any more money as they complain that no one is accountable. A financial black hole or failed state is what Ukraine is at the present time. The Ukronazis torture and kill civilians with total impunity. They even recognize their murderous acts in public while the NATO-controlled media hides these crimes from view. But there is a God and justice will be served to these Nuland's mercenaries. Their pathetic show is about to end.

  11. It's funny how Germany was the first country to recognize the breakaway countries from Yugoslavia in the 90s, going against international treaties about how new countries get recognized and exacerbating the slavic ethnic tensions to the point of implosion, near genocide and a decade of European war. Now Germany comes up with this rhetoric about "European integrity" since this particular breakaway country doesn't serve their interests. There's no rules in this ever changing geopolitical game, the sooner we all realize this the sooner all these sociopathic politicians stop manipulating the masses for their outdated ideals and nationalistic gains. No country is innocent, we all have blood on our hands

  12. the rise of the Nazis in the 21st century. economically germany cant sustain another financial broke corrupt country like the Ukraine. sell your seaports in odessa and agriculatal land to pay for ammonitions. Ukraine no more. it's belongs to Germany now.

  13. Сепаратисты – это кто не хочет жить вукарине, почему их нужно убивать? Что дала вукраина???!!!, что незалежного и европейского там сейчас????!!! КАКИЕ ДОСТИЖЕНИЯ???

  14. Тебе ПИДОРУ иголки под ногти, ты тварь и на камбоджиском заговоришь! вы даже не стесняетесь этого говорить. Хорошее видео, пусть все видят, какие вы гандоны. И мочить будем вас в туалетах…

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