JRE MMA Show #23 with Alexander Gustafsson

Joe sits down with UFC Light Heavyweight fighter Alexander Gustafsson.

28 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #23 with Alexander Gustafsson

  1. Listening to this was a bit like listening to the jocko podcast episodes where Echo Charles appears. Both Gustavsson and Charles are fuckin’ beasts who have the vocal cadence of a fourteen-year-old.

    Illusion 100

  2. This guy is a class act. I love Joe but he really blinded by Jon Jones. Its obvious mane. Gus is right about meats to. Leave the US and eat non GMO meats and wild meat and you can feel it within one month. Wild game is so much better.

  3. I like how Gus can talk about what joe brings up instead of bringing it back to himself like Israel adesanya or Kevin lee, also Joe not talking about what Colby did and the big dramatic sigh like Jon Jones is a topic that can’t be criticized are you kidding me joe shut up

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