The EU Is Going To War With Italy Over Its Spending Plans (HBO)

The European Union is trying to head off what it fears is another Greek-style financial crisis in the making.

After Italy pledged to push through a big-spending budget promised by its newly elected populist leaders, the EU rejected the plan and has threatened unprecedented sanctions, to keep Italy’s debt in check. The European Commission says the nation’s proposed 2019 spending plans will boost debt and put it at risk of “sleepwalking” into a crisis like Greece’s, for which the EU would ultimately be responsible.

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31 thoughts on “The EU Is Going To War With Italy Over Its Spending Plans (HBO)

  1. Elena No This is a phrase that I invite you to copy and paste everywhere!

    European union (regime) is based on 3 columns:


    2) ARTIFICIAL IMMIGRATION TO lower workers' salaries


    The ECB is PRIVATE the euro is PRIVATE



  2. Once more the EU gets the Blame for poor national, domestic, political decisions of the past. When do the People start to blame the ones who were in charge or them self for voting them?

  3. Clearly no bias in this reporting whatsoever /s. “War with Italy”? Maybe tone it down a little, VICE. Why not interview some people who didn’t vote for the current government? Why not try to answer the question of why so many people feel as though they’re suffering “a slow agony” or why people have lost their jobs? More facts less opinion, please.

  4. The only way to communicate with a communist is through a police baton and a forced labour camp. I see neither in this video so why wasting storage space and data traffic for it?

  5. Politicians are evils they want more money for their pockets. Throwing money into the economy is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. Pure populism. Meanwhile, politicians get their stacks from the bottom budget. The real reason nacionalist don’t like EU is because they have someone looking what they do

  6. Seems like the only people benefiting from the EU are those people running the EU. The citizens in those EU countries are suffering the consequences.

  7. honestly, the eu is a subscription to neoliberal politics. like i want europe to stand togethere, but you cant keep shitting out the same neoliberal agenda( tax cuts to the rich, defunding public sector etc). wheter u agree with these ppl or not, it doesnt matter. their concerns are legitmate. thye have a right to decent standard of life and the right of free speech. the eu doesnt have the right to push poor people further down.

  8. The problem here is that the Italians don't work until they are 68 like here in The Netherlands. Our people pay one of the highest taxes in the EU and in the world. When Greece's economy failed we (the European Union) payed Greece billions of dollars to save there economy so they didden't pulled our economy down with them because we trade a lot and we have the same currency. when one of our EU members goes bankrupped we are al fucked so that's why we are worried about Italy's new goverment and their gambeling strategy. Sorry for the bad English

    Greeting from Holland where we work our asses offf!

  9. Then when Italy finally has had enough of the EU’s incredibly selfish economic stances and their forced immigration politics, there goes their 4th largest economy and the €12 billion payout that went with it

  10. As Italian, our country, especially the south of Italy, has suffered years and years of bad politics (from Andreotti colluded with Mafia to Berlusconi that has used the south only as voting platform). Italy needs reforms. Salvini and probably M5S are only doing the same thing Italian politicians have done for decades in the south: lying to obtain votes and not thinking like a statesman. We need a plan for next generations, not 200 euro at the end of the months.

  11. You really went to the "right" place, the target electors of this new government. It would be like going to Lincolnshire to ask about Brexit and you'd get the same, answers with no real depth to them. Italy are risk-takers they say, well what's risky about getting 900 Euros a month off someone else's hard work? Napoli is the prime example of why Italy should be federalised, despite decades of support there is no real accountability taking place to fix the enormous problems of the city, and unlike Romans who will always tell you the city is full of problems etc. they will tell you Napoli is amazing and working fine and that it has just the same problems as Italy…  Also if you have a fixed term contract its virtually impossible to get fired unless you mess up really badly so it would be good to know how the clown got fired and there are institutions in place to help you get unemployment and find a job again.
    There is a huge divide within the country, this government is created by 2 parties with opposite views on almost everything, in fact you can almost trace a line through south of Rome where people voted for 5 star almost universally to north where people voted centre-right coaltion by large majority, biggest party was the league. no one ever thought they would actually form a government together so what promises should they deliver on? The truth is that under the PD Italy was steadily doing ok.. Renzi's ego cost him the leadership, Gentiloni was doing well and then they started talking about Ius Soli when the country is already mad about the migrant situation.. crazy, stupid and arrogant.

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