Thousands Mourn Murdered Kremlin Critic: VICE News Capsule, March 2

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Day of mourning for slain Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, new offensive targets Rwandan rebels in the eastern D.R. Congo, some Libyan migrant centers are ill-equipped to care for thousands fleeing Africa, and Spanish police arrest group suspected of creating and selling knockoff artwork.

Thousands Honor Assassinated Opposition Figure
Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on Friday night as he walked across a bridge near the Kremlin.

Military Seizes Rebel Strongholds in the Embattled East
The government has launched a fresh offensive against Rwandan Hutu rebels in North and South Kivu.

Poor Conditions in Migrant Centers
Little funding and a lack of infrastructure makes it difficult for centers to provide care to the thousands of African migrants trying to reach Europe.

Police Bust Fake Art Gang in Valencia
The group sold knockoffs of works by popular artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and others.

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38 thoughts on “Thousands Mourn Murdered Kremlin Critic: VICE News Capsule, March 2

  1. So tired of idiots thinking the CIA killed Nemstov. What about the other 24 Putin critics murdered? Not one death has effected Putin in anyway, even though he did them. So why would the CIA think killing another critic would threaten Putin's grip on power? They are smarter then you and wouldn't kill their best Putin critic for no gain and no effect. Putin gained a lot though. Not sure if Putin did it, but I'm sure he inspired it at the very least.

  2. njemjetzoff was the same putrid sack of shit as putin is …. all hopie-changie perestroika snake oil salesmen  are fucking trash … tawarishtsch gorby is the most despicable hurensohn of them all..

  3. Yeah, Putin killed an unimportant little american puppet so he can give the western propaganda more fuel. Nobody new the guy before he got killed. People who believe this kind of bullshit shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  4. Libya is a basket case, what do expect? African migrants are the last people on earth these guys are worried about.  In case nobody has heard there is a civil war going on in Libya.

  5. Thousands dead in eastern Ukraine = terrorists who deserved it.
    One thieving, womanizing k*ke killed in Moscow = people come out in droves to mourn.

    Pathetic world.

  6. It's what to be expected in THUG-ruSSiya…"we will steal what we want…when we want and if you have the balls to say something about it…we will kill you when we want".

  7. Tbh most of russian people are really glad about murder of Nemcov. He was just an forgoten, useless politic. And if Putin said on TV that yes i killed Nemcov it shud only raise his rate tbh. This guy during his work in goverment just stuffed his pockets bringing to Russian "free capitalism". On pics with his portrait written "heroes dont die". He could be called as "hero" only like a good seller of our motherland. This murder is a silly trick. PR like it turned with this shitty artists from charli shabro. Noone read their fucking newspaper untill this fags got some bullets in their bodies, and on the next  day all buy this bullshit and they even have to raise their edition.

  8. Nemtsov's Democratic party represented about 3 – 5 % of Russia, considering Putin's nearly 85% approval rating and Nemtsov's minor role in MUNICIPAL government, I see very little reason Putin would have had the man shot….and in such a public and sloppy manner ? C'mon this stinks of foreign involvement…..I'd guess Ukrainian backed by the US or perhaps just straight up CIA, MI5, or Mossad.

  9. Russia is quickly descending back to the Soviet days. First it was nationalization of Russian media, oppressing and arresting opposition and now killing an opposition member.
    I guess Russians are not developed enough to embrace democracy and peace.

  10. For you conspiracy heads out there, how about this, Putin or someone close to him used their vast network of contacts to get Nemtsov killed – but not by their own usual methods, but by some group that they don't like either, probably "foreigners" of some sort – which you guys say the CIA is pretty much doing all the time, and nobody would think the FSB is less competent than them, right? The result would be, he can crack down on those evil assassins, look like the good guy again to those who already started to doubt him, and get rid of someone he doesn't like. Two (three?) flies with one clap.

  11. I personally think it's Putin. A drive-by attack outside of the kremlin, without security cameras released or photos by bystanders around? Sounds more like the FSB than the Mafia.

  12. The Russian guy was killed near Kremlin, yeah..well thats obviusly Putin coz you know he is in the Kremlin and he shoot him with a Sniper rifle, but in the reality this guy was killed just so all the Bias Media could blame Putin even more.

  13. "Putin critic"  lol. He was one of those who was responsible for default at 1998. After that he was almost no one.
    And those thousands came to the opposition meeting that was planted on 1 march weeks ago.

    So much for notorious Russian propaganda… But not a word about western propaganda.

    21.02.2015 was meetings in Moscow and other cities. Only in Moscow was few times more people. And they gathered to criticize "maidan" in Kiev year ago and to blame Ukrainian authorities.
    Where are news about that?

  14. @russia @thekremlin @rt

    Killing journalists is very bad for international relations and internal security because most often journalists really do Love their country and I suspect journalists make the best spies because of their intelligent and curios nature. They can put things together much easier than paper pushers. Wouldnt it have been easier to simply kidnap him and keep him in a comfortable hotel? killing him just made everything he investigated seem 100% true. I know they kill journalists in the US as well…

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