Mars Mission Casting & Nebraska Floods: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the March 29, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:23 CPB officials say they’re reaching “breaking point” at the southern border. A large influx of migrants has made El Paso the busiest location on the US-Mexico border. VICE News speaks with the migrants at the border.

6:38 VICE News follows along as Nebraskan farmers cope with the loss of the latest floods.

11:34 Volodymyr Zelensky is on course to become Ukraine’s next President. Even in the expected run-off, he’ll beat the incumbent, beleaguered Petro Poroshenko and three-time Presidential hopeful, Yulia Tymoshenko.

17:32 Despite the investment failures of Mars One Ventures, Mars One (the non-profit) candidates aren’t giving up on their hopes to send themselves to Mars– or at least get others excited about the mission

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31 thoughts on “Mars Mission Casting & Nebraska Floods: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. I understand exploring space and wanting to be on a spaceship to another planet. But if there is no chance of coming back, I wouldn't want to go. Earth is just too beautiful to never come back.

  2. 100,000 a month and thats just the ones we have caught realistically you cant really imagine america with its already limited resources and jobs can actaully sustain this influx of people long term its just not gona work if we dont build that fuckin wall this country is going to hell in a handbasket…

  3. Vice you really want to do something to help those Nebraska Ranchers with all those dead cows? How about INVESTIGATING The US Beef PACKING Industry ie the Big 4 Meat Packers BRAZILIAN OWNED JBS ( indicted for BRIBERY and COLLUSION in BRAZIL- Marfrig too) and Marfrig ie majority owner of Nation Beef, Tyson and Cargill. These 4 Beef processors ( ie turn live cattle into meat that goes on peoples plates) COLLUDE to DRIVE DOWN the live cattle markets by IMPORTING FOREIGN BEEF to DISPLACE the need to buy US raised beef, thus INCREASING supply, and are allowed to call this FOREIGN BEEF Product of US BECAUSE the Obama Administration REPEALED the MANDATORY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Labeling law in December 2015 for US Beef and pork, the ONLY 2 PRODUCTS in the the ENTIRE US that can be FALSELY labeled as to the the ORIGIN of the main ingredients/ components of the product. Investigate this COLLUSION and why US consumers cannot not have MANDATORY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN LABELING for US RAISED BEEF, to ensure that they are getting the beef that the US raises, and that poor rancher who still has a few cows and calves left, might be able to survive if you INVESTIGATE this now, which would DRAMATICALLY INCREASE the price this man and the rest of the US cattle producers will be offered this fall.

  4. This migrant display reminds me of the Mariel Boatlift. The way they set up the camp, to be under a direct walkway (freeways in the case of the boatlift) make it seem like a massive publicity stunt.

  5. Someone should round up those potential Mars astronauts, take them to NASA in belief that they actually going. Drug them with LSD for a month, put them in a sealed room with cameras, tell them they are on Mars and then link it to a "Pay per view" channel so the world can watch them kill each other.

  6. Nebraskans are tough by they're nature, generally speaking. Especially those old ranchers. I appreciate all that the ranchers and farmer do for us. Most people in today's society dont have the stomach to make it through even a single day of the work these people do. God bless them and I hope for a speedy recovery.

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