VICE News Daily: No End in Sight to Europe's Migrant Crisis

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Italian authorities rescue thousands of migrants over the weekend, hundreds of women and girls freed from Boko Haram, dialysis patients in Yemen face setbacks because of ongoing air strikes, and Germany is still a graveyard of unexploded World War II explosives.

Authorities Rescue Thousands of Migrants off Libyan Coast
Human traffickers are taking advantage of calmer seas and increasing the number of boats sent out to sea.

Military Frees Hundreds Taken by Boko Haram
Scores of women and children are now receiving medical treatment and shelter at a government-run camp in the eastern city of Yola.

Dialysis Patients Concerned over Power Shortages
Nearly 700 people at a kidney center in Hodeida face treatment delays, and some are concerned they’ll die if conditions don’t improve.

A Graveyard of Unexploded World War II Bombs
Munitions specialists detonate or defuse more than 2,000 tons of explosives every year.

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35 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: No End in Sight to Europe's Migrant Crisis

  1. Germany and its aging society desperately need cheap labour to suck taxes off of them. Money is the only reason why they accept so many migrants, not their good heart. That's why I think Merkel should take them all and stop forcing other countries in Europe for her mess.

  2. Most of those migrants are Muslim coming from Muslim countries. You know those countries that practice the beautiful peaceful religion. How many is very rich Saudi Arabia or Dubai or Kuwait or oil rich Qatar take??? Fuck all I bet. The problem is not the migrants but their kids who grow up in Europe, learn to hate the Europeans they see as weak and dumb, then want and demand mosques and islamic rights and shit like that. Look at what Sweden has become and Englanistan…look at Greece 11 million people and 1 million are muslim migrants rioting in Athens because they want a shitty mosque.

  3. What do all the fools really think? If you don't stop them breeding then the problem will never end but just bankrupt the world! Of the 7.5 billion world population 6.5 billion are poor and the 1 billion with reasonable wealth are too ignorant and don't share anything at all these days with the worlds wealth left in too few hands and the more this happens the less technology can sell – technology is only in the wealthiest peoples lives. Look around India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh alone where a third of the worlds population breed 5 or 6 kids and work for so little with the only desire to get one of them into university so that grown child can travel to a wealthy country to get a good job then drag all his/her family away from that poverty to increase the poverty of the wealthy country and this cycle repeats over and over without the governments moving to stop it since they all aren't that wealthy and the more population the wealthier the government members and their friends but the worse off everyone else becomes – too many at low wealth means failure for the wealthy aswell but although it creates a building boom as in Auckland, New Zealand it soon will show up all the scammers & thieves of society (1990s the Leaky Home Syndrome, 2002 to 2008 the Apartment Scam robbing 52,000 people of their life savings and no care as look at Christchurch where there are still thousands of people in a mess with no support from that earthquake). What News System tells the truth but instead highlights the most interesting articles for like on tv the viewer participation? Why do aircraft companies look to blame the pilots these days being a cheap escape rather than focus on what actual problem happened to the plane? Why does Dr Phil, Rachel Lee, Oprah etc have talk shows about people failing in a wealthy life just for viewer numbers to increase their wealth but not deal with the overall problem? No one wants to be accountable but everyone will suffer in the long run. Tell the poor people in the countries they are trying to leave to stay there as they'll get more respect and sell worth from the people around them than they can get living with money in an ignorant shallow life and everyone becoming your enemy because of the amount this mob mentality immigration destroys and like the Chinese mass moved here after English, Dutch, Germans & South Africans did it more steadily now the Indian & neighbours come here to take everything from them and Africans are already mobbing here too with the Somali people showing they don't care for anyone apart from themselves and they get very violent!

  4. The US and Britain are doing a great job at destroying the animals in their core countries throughout the Middle East, so now all the EU has to do is against the nationalists elected to power and start annihilating them indiscriminately within the EU.  We can win this and exterminate these animals if we hurry up and engage in all-out total war on their populations everywhere.

  5. Rome. Open up The Colosseum and let the games begin.

    show it to the migrants before they leave. Then you'll see many less leave. Europe's problem solved. as for the Africans Who Cares. Really! do you (Europeans ) really care?

    There are too many people on planet earth. Billions too many.

    Billions of people are going to die in the next 100 years! get ready. you have been warned.

  6. Muslim migrants, please go to muslim countries for migration.
    Saudi Arabia has sharia law. Go there! All you need is in saudi arabia.
    UAE, sharia law, go there. Rich country.
    Turkey, is rich.

    Dont come to europe. Europe is for christians only.

  7. Some guy on Youtube called Deep Digger Dan likes to metal detect in Germany often.
    He finds everything from shrapnel, old uniform pins, coins, unused bullets, intact WW2 hand grenades, and even possibly a torrent of a tank (or anti tank gun).
    He even found 2 old WW2 guns (one an old AK 47) and old bayonets.
    I think I played with the Grenades too much in my opinion.
    I respect things that can explode.

  8. You can't just let the entire third world move to Europe. That's not fair to the people that already live there and have for millennia, nor does it fix the problems that caused these people to immigrate in the first place. Developed countries need to do what they can to help the poor countries of the world, but turning themselves into refugee camps is not the answer.

  9. 70% of the GDP of Liberia is composed ENTIRELY of Foreign Aid, mainly from the USA, and it has been so for decades!!

    Yet a bigger fuck up of a 'Nation', you could not find! All it has created is a "Dependency Culture" and what psychologists term "Learned Helplessness", which seems to be endemic now across Africa!!

    The lesson is: Successful Nations are not 'created' by aid, good will & nice intentions, but by the BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS & TOIL of that Nation's People, like EVERY Successful Nation on Earth!!

    There are no shortcuts, and these economic migrants aren't prepared to do what our forebears did to forge a better country.
    Instead, they prefer to invade one that other people made already!!!

    Time to wake up and see this for what it is, surely?

  10. Immigrants come from a fucked up country to europe and make it more fucked up for us amazing

    If every immigrant pays 1000's for the trip they could use it in investments in their own country. It would solve nothing to leave your crap and come to another country where you dont take the effort to learn the culture language and people.

    We in western europe have experienced more poverty,crime,hate crimes, and disolvement of our nation

    Since the amazing plan of "multiculturism"

  11. this sounds bad but they should stop letting migrants in

    they are still multiplying in their home nations and multiplying in Europe simultaneously

    all your gonna end up doing is having two continents that are majority black, arab etc.

    what they need to do is learn how to solve their own problems instead of colonizing Europe

  12. Send them back. Inflict economic sanctions on the north african countries involved. Send in peacekeeping troops into the major ports where these migrants are shipped from, and blockade them if need be.
    Western economies are unstable, and can't handle such an influx of low-skilled people into their countries.

  13. Last time I went to France(like 2 years ago) there were more native Africans than white Frenchman! I should feel sorry for the EU, but I don't. All Europeans do is criticise my country(USA), so now I'll just watch your continent go poor.

    **If you want proof, look at the value of the Euro now. It's 1.2,€=1$. Lol 6 years ago I remember it being 1.56. Good luck Europe 🙂

  14. I feel bad for Europe and the land of my Ancestors (UK) for being forced to take in these uncivilized migrants.

    The EU "leadership" should stand trial for forcing their member to take in people they can hardly take care of and leeching the resources made from the diligent middle and lower classes.

    It infuriates me to know that for all the rhetoric the UK government makes about fighting terrorists, they sure as hell don't mind providing welfare to Islamists, who want to bring medieval laws and mysoginy into the UK.

    What has the world come to?

  15. They won't be flooding Europe if they knew damn well that we won't take them in, since Australia strengthened its borders, the amount of immigrants that tried to enter Australia dropped significantly

  16. i think we should take in the christian minorities and political prisoners/ homosexuals from those countries and nobody else. best would be if we helped with security and let them build up their nations it would cost a lot of money tho.

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