How Theresa May Survived The Threat Of Political Extinction (HBO)

British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a mutiny by members of her own Conservative party Wednesday — but the result brings her government no closer to fixing the turmoil over Brexit.

May comfortably won the no-confidence vote in her leadership triggered by Brexit hardliners, with 200 Conservative MPs voting in her support and 117 against.

But with more than one-third of her MPs voting against her, it underscored the significant opposition to her draft EU withdrawal deal within her party — and highlighted the battle she still faces to get the agreement approved by Parliament ahead of a fast approaching deadline.

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22 thoughts on “How Theresa May Survived The Threat Of Political Extinction (HBO)

  1. I always laugh at Parliament videos. In America we’re passive-aggressively assholes in Congress but in England y’all are just screaming at each other in Parliament.

  2. When the journalist interviews Owen Paterson and mentions to him that the EU is no longer open to further negotiations, Paterson's response is basically "Yeah but… they'll have to be open to further negotiations because, erm…"

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