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44 thoughts on “VICE News: Meet the Hosts

  1. Behind that courageous and unbiased appearance of the reporters, VICE seems to have a very interested approach, allways according with USA and NATO point of view.
    In Lybia, they support the rebels against Gaddafi, in Syria they support the terrorist against Assad, in Ukraine you support Kiev against russian separatists.. and so on.

  2. This is real journalism. You guys are brave for venturing into some of these hostile environments to share with the world, whats really going on out there. I tip my hat to you folks for your bravery and honesty. Liked & Subbed.

    Just do us all a favor and keep on this track. Don't try to please everyone. Because not everyone can handle the truth. Just keep on doing what your doing. And never fall prey to being "politically correct". Raw footage of uncensored journalism  is exactly what the American public wants…
    We hate being lied to by the televised media because they are more concerned about ratings & profit, then truth… Thanks to Youtube as well… If it were not for Youtube and the internet the Media would have us all in chains, and blind folded for all time.

  3. OK, I like VICE News, but the ageism of this Meet the Hosts segment is incredible.  Did you catch what is said at 1:15…"they're not 50-something journalists…they're our age."  What does that mean?  That sounds like it was spoken by someone that has no perspective or understanding of what life experiences a 50-something journalist brings to the table.  What is "our age?"  Have you pretty much written off anyone that is 50 or older?  Do you believe that, as you age, your journalistic skills will continue to be in decline?  How old will you be when we should stop listening to you?  I believe that Aris Roussinos made the comment.

  4. I do enjoy some of the raw reports from VICE but they are extremely biased. For instance, Sochi Winter Olympics and the conditions. Must I remind your viewers of 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles? Should i point out the low income poverty stricken areas of LA just blocks from the stadium? Or how about 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. I wont even start describing the Ghettos in that area. I get it tho all in the name of ratings

  5. It's such a weird contradiction- often Vice is willing to go get stories and touch topics that no other news organization in their right mind would want to come near, and yet so often they send young, naive, utterly clueless reporters who don't really understand what's going on or what they're trying to say about it. I find it frankly mystifying.

  6. 3:21 "I want to share with people"
    3:24 "there is nothing more valuable than making a story and having people able to access it"

    Well dear Vice, if you really care about the world and not just the US , MAKE YOUR VIDEOS FUCKING AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE !!!!

  7. the premise that spending a week is enough to report on this topic is a disservice and dishonor to the many women whom end up in this lifestyle.  perhaps if you had spent more time with those women instead of the 90% of the time dedicated to the 2 hosts, who appear to be exhibitionists rather than journalist, we might have found out something about this lifestyle.  the program should be called "pretentious hipsters play dress up, get scared and go home".  this blows vice and makes me sad

  8. VICE is much more neutral in its telling of events than most news outlets, but they do tend to lean to the Left in some of their stories which can be quite irritating but at least they're trying to be unbiased unlike FOX (Extreme Far-Right Pro-Christian) and Al Jazeera (Extreme Far Left Pro-Islam).

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