Best of the Week – July 10, 2016 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of July 10, 2016

JRE #822 – Chael Sonnen –
JRE #823 – Eleanor Kerrigan –

edited by Mischief Makers Productions – (
intro by Marius Hjerpseth – (

20 thoughts on “Best of the Week – July 10, 2016 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. I already liked the video after the Chael Sonnen part. Then that women came on and I had to take it back. Damn that b** is stupid and annoying AF!

  2. Joe, I spent some time with Buffer in Sydney. Took him out after a fight for Poker.
    His story about this father telling him about his brother is a great one. Would love to see you have him on to tell it

  3. Hey Joe, I know you are somewhat a boxing fans Have you seen Luis Ortiz fight? I want to know your opinion. This guy is a beast he can easily beat Wilder, Joshua and Fury. What do you think?

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