College Admissions Scandal & Oatmilk Revolution: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the March 22, 209, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

0:50 The Mueller report has finally dropped. Here’s what you can learn while we wait.

6:30 One week since attacks in Christchurch. Migrants Against Racism and Xenophobia organise vigil in remembrance of the 49 people who were killed in attacks on two mosques in Christchurch on March 15.

8:48 When the FBI went public with Operation Varsity Blues and exposed a network of wealthy families caught cheating on college admissions, prosecutors confirmed what most people already guessed: that our higher education system is rigged, and sometimes the rich like it that way.

16:20 Sweden’s premiere oat-milk brand, Oatly, is opening its first U.S. processing facility in a 19,000-square-foot space…in Millville, New Jersey, in order to increase its North American supply by 800%

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30 thoughts on “College Admissions Scandal & Oatmilk Revolution: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. ok, if you think about it a little more… People of a minority or lower class have a leg up and the super wealthy have a leg up. However, the middle class Asians and Whites who do not have the ability to donate abhorrent sums of money are left struggling to get a spot. There's more to this story….

  2. ok so both the guys at 10:15 and 10:21 went to my high school and while there are SO many thing i want to say i am happy to hear what will had to say at 12:59 esp after going to a white affluent high school w as many "shenanigans" as it had

  3. WTF is a legacy student? In Canada the best schools like McGill, UBC, U of T, ect do not have shit like this. No wonder I watched this video and I wanted to punch that kid in the face.

  4. 🇺🇸 Employers beware these elite colleges/university most NOT be accredited for top employment. Business owner if you do hire only based on which school the human attended you will never reach your true business potential or be the next trillionaire. Is the only reason these humans get top education because of money in the United States?? If we the people ignore true justice in matters like these we will never find the cure to death and time travel. For a chair meant for the next Albert Einstein or Jeff Bezos will go to the laziest ticket one that doesn't appreciate education one that just paided for it. GodBless Earth! 🇺🇸

  5. Religion is a vile institution, islam being the WORST offender. I can't fully acknowledge the sorrow of even so many when the focus is on a religion which is the catalyst for this as well as every major human self-destructive act in history. It is HARD to feel sorry for a group of misguided fools who DURING such a solemn invocation STILL separate the sexes. WOMEN died in that attack yet I see my sisters all piled up in the back of the "bus" again. WHY in "god's" name would ANY sane educated rational person endorse such hypocrisy even in the name of empathy? Oh yea the Prime Minister, stupid woman is supporting the very institution which subdues millions of her gender; THINK WOMAN!!!

  6. NXIVM reports by Vice have been shut down by Hillary Clinton I'm guessing? And are we forgetting Trump brought in the death penalty for drug and human trafficking? Show how honest you are and start up the NXIVM investigations again because sooner or later it will all be exposed in court.

  7. Yup, even if you take away this bribery scandal (and likely others, yet to be uncovered) you've still got a system that favors the rich. That's because college admissions is ridiculously complex, subjective, and nontransparent, which means that those with the resources (wealth and/or connections) can manipulate admissions without breaking a single law. They can hire private college counseling firms to essentially produce their kids' applications, pay for expensive test prep and tutors, and use their connections to get their kids into summer internships with politicans, CEOs and nonprofits. Meanwhile, the bright kid from a rural town with a 4.0 GPA and top scores, who has to work at McDonald's all summer, doesn't stand a chance.

  8. oatlys oatmilk contains rapeseed oil. think about it for a moment. you are drinking oil. i find it to be kinda disgusting. getting caught up in food trends is pretty easy for people too. just remember what youre drinking, oats, and oil. However im all for oatmilk, way less water is used to produce oats than almonds and i think is healthier. making any kind of almond, soy, or oatmilk is easy to do at home. Soaked almonds, water, blend, strain. its that simple with any of these. I find it to be laughable that they run out of oatlys but they cant seem to make it themselves for a fraction of the cost. Hype train is real.

  9. Screw the NFL war games gladiator circus. Too bad the workers that built this country aren't heroes with trading cards worth big bank.Hang the federalists of every nation on earth.

  10. Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa nd the Reality hits you like a ton of bricks, how much is that diploma from Yale really worth perhaps less than nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you truly go out there nd find out who actually did it on their own nd who was cutting corners YOU CAN NOT NO ONE CANT THAT'S THE TRUTH I DON'T CARE HOW YOU CUT IT CANT TRUST SHIT ANY MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What percentage of animal and insect is allowed in oat milk? I really like a good bunny rabbit mince most day but sometimes I prefer the spicy grasshopper to wake me up. You can't just wake up and suck down a glass of ketchup, even if it is less expensive. Well, I guess you could… BRB

  12. A serious note, stop mixing already posted clips with ones that will be posted soon. For example the college scandal and Mueller ones had already been posted but the Christchurch and the oat milk one's haven't. I get that it's probably to increase viewership but it's suuuuper annoying. Would prefer you post all individual clips so that people like myself, who don't enjoy 20+ minute long videos, can watch them individually and then post this for people who do enjoy that.

  13. That "Oat-ly" story has so many lies. I live in Brooklyn suberb, Oat-ly been in Targets for 4.99$ for over a year and is not popular. Please read.

    Nearly every Target in NYC/Long Island have it, you can search it in the Target site. Target put in store displays for them about a year ago along with alot of smaller stores. That coffee shop could of traveled 15 minutes to their local Target. There definitely isnt any scarcity, people running out, or people paying 400% from "scalpers" lol. Its 8.99 on Amazon. It doesn't even sell well, the display had stale ones a month ago. Im guessing Vice is doing some paid promotion.

    Oat-ly tastes awesome in coffee but fails at be dairy replacement. It cant cook or be used to make a butter. Drinking it raw is disgusting. Like old watery left-over oatmeal. Oddly enough tho that funky flavor taste amazing in coffee especially in nutty coffees like nutmeg.

    They're trying to sell it to you by saying "Ohh look at this super scarce hip product selling out in Posh Brooklyn. All the hottest coffee shops cant keep stock. Scalpers cant even keep it in stock for 500% write-up" Then it ends with "Dont be like these lame middle America bumpkins who dont even know what Oat-ly or a Barista is". Its lies, Vice is lies.

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