Pro Mini Golf & Macron Surrenders: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the December 10, 2018, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:32 Despite Macron dropping the controversial fuel tax in the hope of ending the worst unrest that France has seen in 50 years, Yellow Vest protesters took to the streets for the fourth week running. They say that Macron’s concession is too little, too late.

7:32 Teachers and administrators agreed on Sunday to suspend the nation’s first-ever charter school strike, ending a four-day work stoppage at one of the largest charter networks in Chicago. More than 500 teachers missed classes during the strike.

12:08 VICE News looks at how Trump’s new Attorney General nominee William Barr will handle criminal justice reform, which has a history of being very harsh on.

16:23 Each year a group of professional mini golf players gather to play for the USPMGA green jacket. We go to visit the Hall of Famer, a young international champion by the name of Olivia Prokopova

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50 thoughts on “Pro Mini Golf & Macron Surrenders: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Golf, May only be 7 years old! But don't let that fool you, it is a Serious sport, an occasionally an activity, that has helped to shape, the geography of the universe! It is one of the most important activities a human being can do! Protip: when you get into mini golf, you quickly realize that it is basically the quantum physics of golf!) And every time that you hit a hole-in-one, or you get it into the mouth of some macabre looking character, at the local mini golf spot. The ramifications are 99.9% positive!!!!! In terms of geopolitical situations, and the universe! I don't want to go any further, otherwise, I'll sound crazy! Aside: I have been snorting and occasionally, injecting brain Force plus! Which has helped me to understand the benefits of golf and what it can do for us all!
    Prior to my new-found understanding of this activity, I couldve never understand why those that are in power, such as the wealthy, and so on, play golf so frequently! I used to think maybe they were just hashing out deals that probably weren't really on the up an up, as far as the population at large would be concerned. But now I realize that they're not doing that. They know that, world hunger disease, everything that plagues us as a society, can be solved on the golf course! And for those of us that are less fortunate, we can take cash we don't have to spend, and purchase some hideous pants, and I'm nauseous hat and shoes and some outrageously priced golf clubs, and feel like were a big deal!
    But we are nothing compared to those that are actually basing decisions on how the game is played, and if they make the shot the world's can continue to spin!
    Anyway, I know I sound a little kooky, but I'm pretty sure that golf is definitely brilliant! And the information that I have is pretty accurate, I don't just think of things that are unaccurate!
    So……… Commence the hating, NOW!!!!!

  2. you know what the problem is with chicago schools are? it has charter in the name, time to phase charter schools out, look what it's done to education in st. louis, in detroit, and chicago, the black experiment from the 70s and 80s has failed because of the constant need for money for too large a school to be sustainable, these are schools, not universities, the problem with these charter schools is that they try to out do public white schools, but what they've done is set their kids up to failure as charter schools destroys their communities as these unsustainable schools close down

  3. Really police officers the ones afraid for their life to do their job part of their job is to put their life on the line they're being paid for it also they're the ones with the guns that often abused their power I'd say about 90% of every police station is corrupt that might be a little high I'd say definitely at least 70%

  4. Wait a minute isn't Charter Schools where all the Rich Kids Go why the hell do we need to worry about this the rich teachers I'm sure they get paid more than the other teachers

  5. If the yellow vest people are so broke how are the affording to barbecue smoke cigarettes and yet not be going to work but instead blockading a business how are they making money to feed their families if they're not working but yet they have cigarettes and food I know what's going on there's horrible but they still need to work to support their families

  6. Something has to be done about Chinese government's religious persecutions it's worse than Hitler I saw a study on just that and they compared it to Hitler and the lives he took of the Jewish people compared to the lives of Chinese government is taken killing their own people because of religion

  7. At the end he says that they’ve tried left and right wings, however, isn’t Macron’s ideas I guess different? I believe his intentions are good as he has taken in immagrants and wanted to cut carbon emissions by raising gasoline prices. However, this is has lead to the green jacket’s frustration on how Emmanuel
    Macron has pushed there issues to the side by putting more taxes on people who are already struggling and taking in people when you haven’t even token
    Care of their own. Honestly being the president is definitely a hard job tbh .-.

  8. The U.S is Turing in to France slowly an with trump in its speeding it up an we don't Need this but you can't live on your own in America on 7 to 13 a hour there not to man that pay 20 to 40 a hour an it's fucked up every o es on dope an dying from it the U.S is not looking good

  9. You call it prison in USA we call it daycare in Somalia when we see American prison's on TV , send them to Somalia for a week so they can experience real jail 😀

  10. But here is the catch in the EU there is a debt limit set you have seen if you have too much debt then you have problems of Greece, Spain and others no matter who is in power it is either cuts to services or raise tax to bring the budget into the black.
    If people think it is bad that is nothing it can only get worse as seen with the austerity measures and no getting out of it as no one will lend you money you could ask China but that also has strings attached.
    Like anything it always the poor or working class with less resources who pays the most and with the deepest cuts compared to the rich which has the power and resources to ride it out.

  11. Notice how Christian religious groups and Israel supporters in the US say nothing about China imprisoning, torturing, and murdering Chinese Christians. They just continue to place orders with Chinese Communist companies.

  12. Charter schools are a scam, most teachers are parasites and most students in low income areas don't want to be school and hate/dislike their school, classmates and teachers! The future of education is the internet and home learning!

  13. As much as I hate Macron, the French people aren’t going to make their country any better until the cut down on taxes, regulations and the size of govt. all of which both left and right refuse to do. It is impossible to do business in France, it’s unions are akin to organized crime and the French are just downright lazy with how much time they demand off.

  14. After Highschool I took a summer to go work at the Myrtle Beach Christian Retreat which used to be a Summer Football Camp and it actually shares the parking lot with the Mini Golf Course that hosts the Mini Golf "Masters". I got to see it take place and whats even funnier is I was born and to this day still Live in Augusta, Ga about 2 miles down the road from the actual Augusta National Golf Course ⛳ where they host the actual Masters Tournament. Ive seen the Big'n and the Small'n.

  15. "A movement that lasts." That hasn't happened since French history began. Just ask Robespierre. Or Bonaparte. Don't get me wrong, I love the French for the absolute revolutionary ideals they have kept for hundreds of years, but honestly this is just another movement that they create that has no concrete end game or cohesion.

  16. 3:22 "It's a working class revolt over the cost of living in France"

    That "cost of living" is due to sold out politicians who import hordes of 3rd world foreigners and give them generous welfare. The Dalai Lama says "Europe is for Europeans" and brainwashed white leftists scream racism

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