The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse

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VICE News correspondent Thomas Morton investigates Asian carp — a slimy, ugly, and often gargantuan species of fish that has taken over many waterways in the United States.

First introduced in the US in the 1960s to control weeds and parasites at aquatic farms in Arkansas, the bottom feeders eventually escaped and made their way through the Mississippi River system, eating almost everything in their path and severely damaging ecosystems across the Midwest. Today, government officials are concerned that the fish will invade the Great Lakes, destroy more ecosystems, wreak havoc on the region’s multibillion dollar fishing industry, and spread to almost every major waterway in the Northeast.

VICE News traveled across Illinois to see how people are dealing with the Asian carp invasion, visiting the Redneck Fishing Tournament — where the sole mission is to catch as many carp as possible — touring a processing plant trying to monetize the fish, and then heading to Chicago, where we learned that Asian carp are a symptom of a much larger issue.

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36 thoughts on “The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse

  1. carp tastes like mud and even the common carp that the fish monger guy tried to make sound normal destroy the ecosystem they stir up the silt on the bottom clouding the water which kills the plants and without the bottom of the food chain everything else dies. the way my dad put it when he was a kid they would spear fish them throw away most of them and bring the rest to the one guy in town that could smoke them and make them almost edible

  2. "Correspondent" Thomas Morton really comes across as a smug, arrogant little prick. Insulting the guys who took him out in their boat was a low class move. I hope he grows up and learns to respect people. His snarky presentation really took away from the fact that this video was actually somewhat informative. Thumbs down.

  3. as long as carp is edible and tastes nice which i'm sure it does i wouldn't mind em at all i mean as much as there are there these should be cheap and healthy since it's in the wild also…OR doesn't have it or atleast didn't in 2014

  4. I see this and wonder how we have starving people in other countries?Why not send them these carp/wild hogs/iguanas/snakes and the people could have full tummies and keep the populations from exploding?Just a thought or send this meat to them at the very least.

  5. The guy in red at the fish factory had a great point about Yellow Carp, it was an invasive species same as the Asian Carp, plus Asian Carp is edible… so just don't be picky with you food and eat them…. I don't really see this as a unsolvable problem….all people have to do is just eat more fish….

  6. I am heart broken that these living entities are treated with disrespect even after they're dead by kicking them and stepping on them.  These "men" are an insult to humanity.

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