A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape

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A recent UN report revealed that one in eight men in rural Bangladesh admit to having committed rape. Although it is a crime punishable by death, there are no accurate government figures for rape in Bangladesh, largely due to social stigma and a failure by local authorities to investigate alleged crimes.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid traveled to Sylhet and met with both perpetrators and victims of rape as well as local police to find out what is driving Bangladeshi men to rape and abuse women, and what steps the authorities are taking to put an end to it.

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30 thoughts on “A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape

  1. Broken political system, corruption …. Finally, the president herself not the good one out there ruling. Mostly, people don't have enough knowledge about Islam. Because I am pretty sure, Islam teaches us to lower our gaze whether the man is handsome or women is pretty and not covering themselves properly.

  2. And they are crying of fake 1971 rapes . . just look at yourself what you are after distance yourself to your center Pakistan . you have been lost your gravity you become the living hell on the earth . . so sad

  3. this disrespect of females is totally unacceptable, needs to change. He also says its the woman's fault. Also this has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with male entitlement. Also more female police officers could help this issue.

  4. What this reporter completely ignored is most of this rapist are politically strong and government activists thats the main reason nothing else rapist are always seen as evil in the community once u do such ur life will never be the same

  5. This guy says the Qur'an teaches these backwards & vile things yet we're supposed to welcome people like this into America w/ open arms? The hell you say! #Edit Don't bother coming at me w/ "the Qur'an doesn't teach those things"… Even so, the majority of Muslims believe in that way of thinking. We don't need that mess here. We've got enough filthy bastards here as it is w/out adding more problems.

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