Best of the Week – May 17, 2015 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of May 17, 2015

JRE #649 – Jonathan Gottschall –
JRE #650 – Nick Curson –
JRE #651 – Jordan Gilbert (c9n0thing) –

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17 thoughts on “Best of the Week – May 17, 2015 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. The 2nd guy said some pretty retarded things.Back squats are superior to front squats in terms of quad development, you get more core and back erectors work from front squats. And also, just because you push from the heels,(btw alot of people press with their mid foot which further proves the point that he's dumb) doesn't mean you will not train muscles that will work better in other activities.

  2. The back squat is hits the quads to the same degree as the front squat, and sure it hits the lower back more, but it's certainly not a lower back exercise. The front squat hits the upper back more. Calling the back squat a lower back exercise is like calling the front squat an upper back exercise.

  3. Ah that's awesome. I train in Muay Thai and I stumbled onto this idea of lifting weights on the balls of my feet. Same concept. That forefoot idea makes sense to me. I do all my workouts in my toes: from a stance where I could spring up, or step in any direction. Usually alternating between orthodox and southpaw boxing stances. I also wear ankle weights and heavy boots to work and stay on the balls of my feet and pivot and throw kicks nonstop. But I don't recommended it. I think it makes me insane, technically. O.o

  4. Hey Joe, what about having Jonathan Ward from Icon4x4 on the podcast? I've heard him on the Smoking Tire podcast. He's a very interesting guest. And he's in Southern California.

  5. Kevin is awesome, he was the best talent from TAOTS on G4. He is funny as hell, and quick witted. He deserves all of that. Olivia is sexy, and a mediocre actress, but not much beyond that. She was cool as a nerd chick, but in my personal opinion, if she doesn't play into that personal quality of her's, as well as her geek humor, she will fall behind eventually. Best of luck to both.

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