Mars One Candidates Aren't Giving Up On Going (HBO)

After previously promising potential astronauts a chance to go to the red planet, Mars One Ventures has suffered a setback. VICE News profiles three of the 100 people who are in the running for the mission about what’s next for them.

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43 thoughts on “Mars One Candidates Aren't Giving Up On Going (HBO)

  1. Dude would literally tell his child that his "dream to go to Mars" matters more than her. Sorry, but abusive, psychopathic parents shouldn't be the ones to colonize the red planet.

  2. Couples of years ago back in grade 7 when this project was announced, our home teacher showed us this project and how amazing it is going to be. I instantly knew something would go wrong with this project… it didn't have tight plans, and it didn't really show many details in how the spaceship is going to Mars with hundreds of people inside… easy to detect scams if you can see and realize that the idea is good but it's the inside is empty

  3. This was as idiotic as much as each of the failed prophecies of the world coming to the end with the con man at the top suckering gullible people into believing and preparing they’re going somewhere and will leave their problems behind. However, at least Mars is objectively real unlike the fictional Heaven.

  4. not trying to be mean, but these guys are nutjobs. I kind of understood the girl who just wanted to go to Mars. but the people with spouses? they weird. like… wtf. the guy whose wife didn't rly think their marriage would last, or the lady who was talking about being polyamorous… 😢

  5. I'll honestly admit I don't know what it takes to go live on Mars permanently, especially not asΒ a pioneer starting from ground zero. But I don't think these people got it. It's a hostile, barren place that only wants them out as soon as possible and it'll be extreme work wrenching anything at all from it. They'll only have themselves to rely on for comfort and supply – they'll go bunkers each and everyone.Β  A cannibal festival on live broadcast to a stunned earth. Probably a good think MarsOne went bankrupt, even if it's a shame and great failure on everyone's behalf.

  6. If they can't even secure funding how do they hope to supply these people with steady shipments of food and building materials. This was just a massive scam designed to send unqualified people to their own deaths.

  7. These people do not seem sane one bit and seem like the first people in a movie to lose their minds. That last guy especially seemed in his own little world, especially when he said in English that he talks about this a lot with the kids when mommy isnt home, just sad. No wonder she said they might get divorced.

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