Ukraine Lie Detection & Leading The Resistance: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the March 21, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:15 This Washington State sheriff is leading a sanctuary movement — for gun rights.

9:32 We spoke to Gavin Newsom about his growing role as a leader of the resistance.

15:22 The use of lie detectors is flourishing in Ukraine, despite being widely discredited in other parts of the world.

22:50 VICE News has Christian Scott break down the title track off of his March release, “Ancestral Recall (ft. Saul Williams),” for Verse Chorus Bridge.

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41 thoughts on “Ukraine Lie Detection & Leading The Resistance: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. See I'm all for changing things for a better environment better Earth less smog less pollution I'm even for finding a way to update the older vehicle so people don't have to get rid of their hot rods but I am not for a sanctuary state.

  2. That sheriff has more constitutional awareness than the Attorney General? Sounds as though the BAR Stooges are on a rampage and are inciting a fracturing of our American foundation.

    You read the 2nd Amendment the same as me and you are going to sit there and say that AG Dork has more authority than the Constitution?

    That sheriff is a true American. It doesn’t matter how many urbanites cast their vote for gun laws, we don’t live in a democracy. It doesn’t matter how many people sell/give their guns to the government, there is no authority, the language is clear. The Federalist Papers do not mince words – we are the militia, we have every right to bear arms, free of infringement.

    You can stack 50,000 ignorant Americans together that want gun control and they do not equal one single person saying their rights are inalienable, from many, one. This means you can’t add yourselves together in an ignorant mob and vote rights away.

    The attorney generals deserve to be invited to a stay in a dangerous place with no firearms and no pensioners with guns close by – to experience first hand why we have a 2nd Amendment- everyone has a right to self preservation. It’s a human right. A natural right.

  3. It's quite a thing how these 2A sanctuary counties are catching on. Selective enforcement, completely selective respect for sovereignty, and civil disobedience it's a wonder anyone thinks any law is worth the paper it's printed on. It's interesting how those proponents of gun control don't see how their own book on ignoring drug, immigration, and death penalty laws has come back around into their face.

  4. I sure seem to hear a lot about a civil war from the red State leaning individuals, but you know I encouraged it bring it on militias and town folk versu…. I don't know the United States military… works for me.

  5. ahah, found a moment of censorship on vice
    during convesation of vice reporter and ukranian military
    on 21:02 ukranian military said – "when the occupied territory of Ukraine is liberated, it would be used to determine or dismiss.."
    he also said between these two parts of the phrase – "tse krim" – which basically means – "that's crimea"
    i do not really believe that vice and especially this reporter (my favourite actually!) just accidentally missed such piece of the phrase, which can be and would be considered by most ukranian, russian and maybe eu/usa politicians as offensive

  6. I'm all for guns I've them but we need better laws an these people just don't get it an they think people are coming to take their guns witch won't happen cuz they know we will rebell I just don't get some of these people

  7. He's not the resistance… He's a liberal shill, trying to win votes… To add to that none of what he mentioned is socialism, there is a clear socio-political framework for defining what socialism is and the government doing stuff doesn't fall into it.

  8. Good for Ukraine! Weeding out Putin's planted moles is a matter of life or death for Ukraine. All three of the biggest ammunition depots in Ukraine have been blown up. Sabotaged by people loyal to Russian's ruling neighboring countries. We have to make a choice in a couple of years… do we do nothing and allow Putin and his army of invaders to take back all of the freed countries after the fall of the USSR. If we do not stand up for the rest of Europe… there will be no Europe.

  9. @VICE News Why don't you just be honest and change the name of your program/channel to TRUMP HATERS NEWS!!   You have NEVER covered him fairly.   How would you feel if another "news" channel, as you CLAIM to be, did that to you?   Be fair and cover BOTH sides of the argument.   I'll get you a dictionary so you can look up big words like "fair".

  10. its sad to see Ukraine going on witch hunts. also couples who base their relationship on the result of a lie detector test really shouldnt be together anyway. if you have so little trust that you need a test to prove anything then there is no hope.

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