Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal, and the country’s largest brothel is called Daulatdia, where more than 1,500 women and girls sell sex to thousands of men every day.

Daulatdia is infamous for drug abuse and underage prostitution, and many of its sex workers are victims of sexual slavery who were trafficked into the area and sold to a pimp or a madam. They are forced to work off the fee that was paid for them, a debt that takes years to clear because they receive as little as a dollar for sex.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid visited the notorious Bangladeshi brothel — where human trafficking, underage prostitution, and drugs are commonplace — and met the traffickers and the trafficked, as well as the clientele.

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26 thoughts on “Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

  1. I feel worse watching this than any other documentaries on this type of subject because it's my language, my country and it hurts to see so many innocents suffer like this.

  2. The Prophet forbade the utilization of the price of a dog, the earnings of PROSTITUTE and the earnings of a foreteller.
    Volume 7, Book 71, Number 656 : Narrated by Abu Mas'ud SAHIH BUKHARI

  3. Its not about a place or city or country these type of practices are comitted everywhere. There is no place in this world who do not have such brothels but what shocking part is," everyone know what is happening, where is happening but still there is no legal actions are taken against them. Even if some place cops has catched them still there are many places who still are doing this sh*t. And there are still billions of women are burning every minute in this unseen fire. And the main irony is woman is the one who is thursting another women in this cruel world….No man has the guts to rule and beat a woman if we womens are decided to stick together…..

  4. This broke my heart 💔
    However, I must say that I love how genuine the interviewer is. She holds their hands providing gentle physical contact of comfort amongst the prostitutes.

  5. Very well documented….I am from India …and I believe that this cannot be avoided by the lower caste people as biologically they need this fun and sex in exchange of money….also it controls their frustation …sex workers should be issued with sex licence….

  6. This is an example of the typical tweaker-hoe lifestyle. You can see this all over the world including US strip clubs. The uniqueness of this trap is the low accountability, party, sex, lots of easy money and meth induced no moral compass lifestyle. The longer they are in this lifestyle the less the chance of transitioning to anything else. These women do not develop any other essential life, financial or relationship skills that normal women develop which make this lifestyle effectively inescapable.

    And Kamala Harris, candidate for US president in 2020, platformed on legalizing prostitution. I thought, good luck with that one. Look up the Intervention Series "Cristy"
    Her family did everything they could but they could not save her from herself. Cristy is an unremarkable example of a typical stripper. Today she has a very long rap sheet, undoubtedly she buried a lot of people along the way, she choose her life's path.
    At 37 meth rot has surly set in and with the lack of resent arrest I would speculate Cristy is in prison. She really needed to be thrown in prison 13 years ago.

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