Inside The Swedish City Where Gun Violence is on The Rise

Donald Trump’s recent comments lamenting a nonexistent terrorist attack in Sweden have put the Scandinavian country’s crime rate into the global spotlight. But while the terrorist incident might not have happened and the crime rate in Sweden has only been rising modestly, one city there does have a real problem with gang violence.

Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, has seen a spike in shootings this year already; and given Sweden’s reputation as a refugee-friendly nation, many commentators have been quick to point a finger. And now, hysteria from both the Left and the Right is overshadowing the facts.

VICE News went to speak to some of those caught up in the violence in Malmö.

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26 thoughts on “Inside The Swedish City Where Gun Violence is on The Rise

  1. Same mess happening here in the US…. Watts, South Cent., Chicago, Baltimore….

    It's not just a war against any specific people group, but it is a war against humanity as a WHOLE….

  2. The Religion of Peace doing what they do best. A small % might be decent people. But is it worth it?
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Sweden. Your country doesn't need oxygen thieves like these.

  3. Immigrants from eastern Europe that know no language, but are willing to work don't have problems with being unemployed. Unlike immigrants from arab countries that don't want to work (especially when the boss is a woman) and look mainly for social benefits. Sweden is not alienating them, they are alienating themselves from the Sweden.

  4. The real criminals are the politicians never forget that. Blame those who have the power. As long there are problems as more "work" for them and "work" means more money to collect. THAT IS THE BIG HIDDEN TRUTH!

  5. Trump was right for once in his statement. We ARE having major issues within Malmö in specific.
    Politicans just look the other way, police are incapable of doing any real work, they solve nothing and harass the rest of the population meanwhile.
    They are nice and polite towards known criminals but treat the regular citizen like trash and scum.
    I'm done with this country, emigrating asap.

  6. What TOTAL LEFT WING PROPAGANDA this video is. As a BLACK BRIT who stayed in several cities in Sweden, i was repeatedly stunned by the open racism and hostility shown by immigrants who were mostly Muslims. Sexual assaults were rife and sadly still are. 10 out of 12 rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim immigrants (google the stats if you don’t believe this) and the socialist government only deports ONE OUT OF FIVE convicted Muslim rapists. I also saw with MY OWN EYES 👀 many NO-GO areas for white non Muslims. The Swedish cops can only enter many Muslim areas with TWO police cars because just one cop car on its own will often be attacked. The socialist members of Parliament in Sweden who earn fat wages and who mainly all live in nice suburbs far away from the Muslim immigrant areas just keep wanting to invite more and more and more and more mainly Muslim immigrants into their country. Happily it’s not too late and finally by voting 🗳 for the right and also now starting to send back hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants the situation may be saved. But that apart the now grown up children of Swedish immigrants who commit rapes and crimes must receive harsh prison sentences and there must be no more NO-GO areas there, even if it means sending in the Swedish army to regularly patrol those areas.

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