Best of the Week – Oct. 5, 2014 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of The Week of Oct. 5, 2014

JRE #557 – Bryan Callen –
JRE #558 – Honey Honey –
JRE #559 – Keith Weber –
JRE #560 – Anthony Cumia –

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28 thoughts on “Best of the Week – Oct. 5, 2014 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. Wow! Chinese medicine based on superstition and no science! Lets eat some tiger cocks before they run out because they make men fertile! This coming from a country over a billion!

  2. The theory about a a woman having an orgasm helping (not guaranteeing) pregnancy is because of the cervix rotating position and having spasms which look similar to a sucking motion. Therefore if the man orgasms deep inside and then the woman has an orgasm. Its not hard to see it helping the semen travel further on.

  3. I remember the newsradio days in the 90's. Joe was pretty quiet then. Joe Rogan has become quite the smart alec nowadays. lol its funny, he never used to be so outspoken. He always has something to say about right and wrong regardless of the topic like he knows exactly what hes talking about. Whenever hes proven wrong he turns into a woman, just yaps and yaps and doesnt listen at all. Joe is quite the hypocrite but no one seems to notice.

  4. The reason Gatorade or sports drinks has sugar is because water with 6% sugar absorbs faster then straight water therefore hydrating you faster. Also what makes high sugar diets unhealthy is the lack of fiber not the sugar its self.

  5. If Chinese medicine worked it would just be called medicine. Just a side question, don't some Chinese people who believe in that boil eggs in urine from little boys and then eat the eggs? Yeah fuck that shit, I'll stick with chocolate milk.

  6. the female orgasm causes contractions in the cervix that facilitate sperm getting a little jump in the right direction, so i believe it does have an impact on fertility, but i dont know how significant that impact is.

  7. Joe calls bs on milk being phlegm producing yet he always seems stuffed up. The dude is eating too many cookies with milk after getting getting high, no wonder. hahaha

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