What Robert Mueller's Investigation Into Ray Rice Tells Us About His Trump Report (HBO)

Robert Mueller has been under attack for two years, and now his report is in the line of fire.

The special counsel’s final report, which he submitted to newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr on Friday afternoon, appears destined to suffer a similar fate.

During Barr’s confirmation hearings, he promised to release “as much as I can” from Mueller’s report.

“I am reviewing the report and anticipate that I may be in a position to advise you of the Special Counsel’s principal conclusions as soon as this weekend,” Barr wrote in a letter to Congress released Friday.

But Trump’s new AG has broad powers over what contents — if any — will get released to Congress and the public.

The special counsel’s investigation had already unearthed remarkable revelations about the president and some of his closest advisers. Mueller indicted 34 people, including 25 Russian nationals, and charged some of Trump’s closest advisers with crimes that promises to land some of them behind bars.

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44 thoughts on “What Robert Mueller's Investigation Into Ray Rice Tells Us About His Trump Report (HBO)

  1. But “congress” is NOT the “judiciary” branch or the “executive” – it is the “legislative” branch to make up “laws” (something that the Totalitarian Mindset cannot begin to understand because it is rule by the mob and its emotions and sets aside all laws and rules and regulations

    Because “The Ends Justify the Means” so – for them – it makes perfect sense that it take over as prosecutor, judge, jury and EXECUTIONER.

    But we still have a Republic and it still had three (3) EQUAL co-branches of Government for PRECISELY THIS REASON:

  2. Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate the Ray Rice situation and literally said that there was no proof that the NFL knew of the incident before hand which was later proved false by TMZ TM f**** Z why people put so much pride into this guy I will never know

  3. Interesting how 34 indictments, multiple convictions, and guilty pleas are a "Nothing Burger".

    Odd how people are making a judgment on the report even though they've only been privy to a 4-page "overview" written by a Trump supporting/enabling AG.
    Yes, it's crazy how many Russian Connections were made between the Trump admin and Russian during the investigation, yet the report's findings don't include "Collusion". But did anyone really expect it too? We're talking about something that requires a very heavy burden of proof to be proven. Same thing with Obstruction of Justice. The report does NOT exonerate Trump or anyone else. It just tells us that what happened will be impossible to prove.

    Anyone thinking they're going to see the full or even a redacted version of the report needs to wake up. We will NEVER see it while Trump is POTUS or Republicans run the Senate. Yes, we paid for it, but the laws being what they are, leaders being who they are, we're screwed until 2020-2021 when (If Dem's win the Senate and Presidency) we'll finally get to see "some" more of whats in it.

  4. Clearly, people don't know that Muller was investigating Collusion in Trump's campaign, not Trump himself. There was and Muller did his job. Trump could be totally innocent but Muller was never out for him, he was out to see if Russia was trying to interfere and he did just that. I for one am worried more about China and Russia being able to influence our people so easily than Trump.

  5. Hahahaha the left is crying… but they’ll go on about obstruction for another 2-years. Was it obstruction when Hillary deleted emails during an active FBI investigation?

  6. I agree with Trump. Release the report. This investigation has been a joke, predicated on the phony Steele dossier that our justice system abused to get fisa warrants. The corruption is astounding…

  7. Even if this report shows no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, this isn't going to end. Like Trump or not, you can't deny the fact that they are, have been, and will be trying to get him out of office no matter what. Collusion doesn't really matter to the left or right. It's what will happen when one side proves the other is lying that I can't wait to see…

  8. How is the investigation a success when there were no convictions related to mandate of the investigation? This basically says we had no proof that this happened, but we dont like him as President. So let's make up an investigation.

    Success would have been proving the hypothesis right. All this investigation did was give reason to doubt the DOJ

  9. Really Mueller has been attacked for the last 2 years right! Its the other way around the President has been attacked by the far left democrats and it controls media just like this one (The devil is a liar)

  10. We essentially paid for a bunch of treasonous ass clowns running wild with there own fabricated story. 0 interest in the perpetrators of this entire fraud. Stay tuned news is about to flip

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