The USA and its Immigration Dilemma – The Business of Life (Episode 5)

What would your life look like if the millions of undocumented immigrants working in the US were deported tomorrow? Depending on who you trust, immigrants are either a drag on the economy, or a net positive. So what are the costs and benefits of immigration? This week, we’re joined by NPR’s Adam Davidson, United We Dream’s managing director Cristina Jiménez, and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum.

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24 thoughts on “The USA and its Immigration Dilemma – The Business of Life (Episode 5)

  1. why arent they just taxed like everyone else? maybe to make it fair, tax them more because 1. they aren't citizens and 2. their money earned is leaving our country. unless thats a good thing…

  2. My wife legally immigrated to the US in 2001 at the age of 18. She came on the family sponsor green card, her grandmother was a dual citizen. My wife was 8 years old when her mother sign her up for immigration. Their family was split up because not everyone was approved at the same time. One by one all but the most successful business owning, wealth even by American standards, made it to the US. For her parents generation (baby boomers) life in America was and still is harder than it was for them in the Dominican Republic. They had good incomes in DR and lived a middle class there. They owned houses and about half of them were college educated. Their college educations are worthless in the US and so they to working class jobs in factories and warehouses. The good news is that the next generation is doing much better. My wife and I own 4 houses. I sold my business in 2016. My wife will be eligible to retire from the military in 2024. Her cousin's husband is a well paid super in Bayside Queens. Her other cousin and her husband work in hospital administration and live a middle class life. My wife's brother graduated from Temple with a film production degree and is doing that work out in Hollywood. I think as Americans we are blessed to have so many people who want to be Americans and are willing to do so much and risk so much to be part of our society. Too many Americans have forgotten or no longer believe in what is written at the bottom of the statue of liberty. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  3. All the bad consequences illegal immigrants experience, are just Their Own responsibility, if they came here Breaking the law, Paying human traffickers, or abusing Tourist Visa, is Their Fault,, if US continue to not making their own laws be Respected, you just know the results,, there will be Many more coming and demanding for "rights" out of US taxpayers pockets,, I don´t say Legal Immigrants, I say Illegal Immigrants that Abuse the system

  4. Outdated LAWS, really, so coming here illegally an intentionally having babies to defraud the American people by claiming birth right citizenship, then the father is deported isn't a proper arguments to steal citizenship!

  5. The discussion of "Immigration" is always focused on so-called HISPANICS/LATIOS immigrants, but omit other nationalities! This country has enough Hispanics, therefore, there should be a quota on that group to make America more diverse.

  6. American citizens should come before ANY illegal aliens/immigrants PERIOD!

    FACT: How Illegal Immigration Harms Black Americans, According to Civil Rights Commissioner via @FredLucasWH @DailySignal


    – African American communities suffer the most from illegal immigration. This includes housing displacement, loss of financial support and community resources.


    Illegal immigration catastrophic for the black community

    FACT: Illegal Immigration Impact on Black Americans

    FACT: Immigration and the Economic Status of African-American Men

    FACT: Illegal Immigration: The Impact on Wages and Employment of Black Workers

    FACT: Black America, Face the Facts on Illegal Immigration

  7. Applying legally through sibling sponsorship is time consuming (10 to 30 years) ie. Indian, Chinese. And , we know well that Qualified Indian and
    qualified Chinese can make any country great again. America shud shorten the time .

  8. Immigration can be solved by allowing and documenting people. They can work and pay taxes like every other citizen. They don't have to become citizens. That's another subject. There can even be an immigrant tax for all those people crying that they are taking from americans. With college and health care provided to all people our productivity as a nation will thrive.

  9. The man attacks the problem too broadly. Trying to catch all the illegals is an impossibility. Fining heavily and or closing up a company that employs illegal immigrants will stop the flow. If there are no jobs for an illegal to have, so they can survive, why would they come. It would be insanity to go somewhere to die. Employers put them to work to save money. The illegal is exploited & the national can't get a job. The employers & the states that defend the illegal immigrants are guilty of aiding & abetting a criminal, that is against the law. It is a criminal offense.

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