Best of the Week – July 2, 2017 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of July 2, 2017

JRE #982 – Honey Honey –
JRE #983 – Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher –
JRE #984 – Yvette d’Entremont –

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49 thoughts on “Best of the Week – July 2, 2017 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. interesting that the best of the week didnt include any of the chiropractic bashing they did. something tells me Joe will change his tune on chiropractors in the next couple episodes

  2. Damn it, they are just going to make me cage fight again arent they?
    Can I just sit on a chair and let who ever is the reigning fetherweight female champ sit on my lap for a second or something?

  3. 5:49 Well that's their problem. Tom Cruise is right. Fucking your wife is awesome! And if you don't think so…. ok, wow, you have a boring sex life, congratulations. I don't think that's something to be snooty about. Yeah he got up on the couch and was enthusiastic about love. Why are people ripping for that? The man loves fucking and being in love… and people here are like, "ehhhh, we're all sick of that". OK….. well maybe you're just boring.

  4. in this vids , Joe also talks about Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey's tv shows couch , I never understood ,Whats wrong with that ..Why do people even make a fuse about that , Like it is something ,,, and people go like ow yes that's wrong ,, nono you can not do that ,,hahah thats just too funny
    He was happy ,hops backwards in a fit lil jump , an pp go crazy over it for years ,,
    some pp just don't like to sit still when they have excited energy .
    Or is it not right to show to much your super happy stuff , coz people could react jealous on it
    mm so its not done , and i don't get it at all .
    Whats normal anyway how people communicate ! and who decided that , moral code is there a good virtues police !

  5. Got to say Sorry!!.  That was over the  top even for me, However You don't need the coin, or the fame,,so if you can not be truthful ,just go home and kick box your cat or something, dose your conscious not bother you???? You used to be a stand up guy and I don't  mean comedy ,,,,Peace

  6. Rogan YOU sir are a piece of shit shill  Fuckoff ,,,And stay the fuck out of Canada ,,We have Girls here who would kick your bitch sell out ass  P/S have a nice day

  7. Hey Joe can you talk to Brendan Shaub and tell him to check his god damn ego and stop bullying Bryan all the time on The Fighter and The Kid. When you aren't around to humble him his ego inflates and it has seriously gotten so bad the show is suffering for it. Listen for yourself if you think I'm just hating.

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