Best of the Week – September 10, 2017 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of September 10, 2017

JRE #1011 – Tom Papa –
JRE #1012 – Brendan Schaub –

edited by Mischief Makers Productions – (
intro by Marius Hjerpseth – (

29 thoughts on “Best of the Week – September 10, 2017 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. I just wonder if other people are cut off as well from some PowerfulJRE videos on YouTube.
    I can comment on this but there are some others I can not. I only see comment section on those videos if I log out from YouTube. 😟 😕 🙁 ☹️ 😣 😖 😫 😩 😤 😠 😡

  2. How come I can only see comments on certain videos? Yet not on the full blown episodes. Thought maybe I got banned, but I hardly ever comment.

  3. all i can think about when i see Tom Papa is how fucking badly i want some of that mother fucker's homemade bread to shove into my fat fucking neck. goddamn make me some of that delicious sounding goddamn homemade bread Tom goddamn

  4. Hey Joe. I didnt find any other way to write you. But i think you def should invite and talk to deepak chopra. I know you hate that guy but it would be interesting! Best regards / UtvFav

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