Kurdish Hunger Strike & Foxconn Abandonment: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the May 9, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:17 As Maduro moves against the opposition in Caracas, the opposition is moving against Maduro in Washington D.C.

7:57 Imam Cis, a Kurdish activist living in the Welsh Kurdish Community Center, has now been on the longest hunger strike in UK history.

11:23 A town in Wisconsin was promised billions of dollars and thousands of jobs by Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. 78 homes were torn down to make room for what was supposed to be a Mid-West tech hub. So far, nothing’s there, except for one remaining home.

16:47 How the Mooch got his mojo back at SALT conference.

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24 thoughts on “Kurdish Hunger Strike & Foxconn Abandonment: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Im not trying to sound dumb but can anyone explain what this venezualen code pink stuff is. I just dont know whats going on like. Its FNAF all over again. Theres shit going down and i dont inderstand it.

  2. real Kurds don't run away from their country like cowards, don't go on hunger strikes, and go to war(men AND women) to defend their land. He wants "recognition" ????? go and fight ISIS and rebuild your homeland instead of leeching off the UK.

  3. These should really be separate videos for each topic. The church should be held to the same standard of laws of the the land anyone living in that country, state/province does. You want to make the church look good, someone does something illegal, you report them to the local authorities and maintain transparency.

  4. this lady that will not give her house away is being selfish, thousands of jobs, she is lucky she has a house and a job, more than most of this country!!!!

  5. Hunger strikes always confused me. If they really want to keep you alive, all they have to do is wait until you're too weak to fight off getting strapped down and feed through a tube. If they don't like you, you're solving their problem for them.

  6. The Kurdish people helped the allied soldiers in Iraq when we invaded Iraq in the early 2000s they've helped fight every insurgency they have fought and been on the front lines fighting isis they have no representation in government they have no representation on any state level they deserve their own government and representation.

  7. Lately VICE's 'content' has been so boring. 4.3 million subscribers and they can't even get a hundred thousand views. I can see why people even stopped watching. This stuff is just filler garbage. This used to be a somewhat eye opening media outlet.

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