How The Mooch Got His MoJo Back (HBO)

This week, the Sin City calendar included the 10th Annual Skybridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT.

It’s your standard rich-meet-powerful confab, the kind of thing you’d find in Davos or Aspen. With one notable exception: this one is run by Anthony Scaramucci.

Skybridge is The Mooch’s investment company. At its height, say in 2017, SALT was pretty mega: former heads of state and a-list entertainers appeared on stage. But then Scaramucci’s fortunes changed in July 2017 when he took a job as President Trump’s White House Communications Director. That resulted in one of the all-time great Washington faceplants. Eleven days into the job, Scaramucci was fired, and his brand was beclowned.

The Mooch was alone. There was no SALT conference in 2018.

But a year is a long time, and the finance world has once again opened its arms to Scaramucci. SALT 2019 lacked some of the star power of previous years, but the Mooch did get some heavy-hitters: former White House chief of staff John Kelly was the keynote guest. Other panels included Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions.

Some Democrats showed up, too — former Obama advisers Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice were here. Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard stopped by, too.

At the center of it all was a man who many people in politics left for dead. But at SALT at least, The Mooch is very much alive.

“My issues with the president are not what he’s doing. He’s got some very very good policies actually working for average people,” Scaramucci told VICE News. “My issue with the president is how he’s doing it. It’s not what he’s doing.”​​

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35 thoughts on “How The Mooch Got His MoJo Back (HBO)

  1. Wrong again Mooch!
    You're not suppose to imply that your boss will not be remembered. He is the GREATEST president in the history of USA. He is MOST INTELLIGENT person you will ever meet. He is the one and ONLY stable genius.
    No wonder you got fired ehh !!

  2. I hope you realize before you are on your death bed that there are so many other things that can make you authentically happy. Too bad you think the answer is always money..

  3. Does anyone else find it insane and totally fitting that hedge fund managers that control 75% of the capital of the world and the politicians that are ostensibly supposed to regulate them all meet up at a CASINO? like….duh.

  4. People need to stop hating on the mooch for his association with trump and realize the reality of the success he’s built in his life. The dudes an absolute tank at the end of the day and I respect the shit out of that

  5. Also, there’s this town hall meeting where Anthony actually asked Obama a question (he was someone in the crowd, I don’t remember the network that had this on) but he asked Obama what he was going to do to start going easier on Wall Street because he works on Wall Street and he felt as if he was a punching bag. Mind you, this is not long after 2008 he is asking this question and I really just wanted to scream at this guy like what a joke. He’s a Wall Street absolute blow hard with a trash attitude and mouth.

  6. Vice has made some really great documentaries in the past, however, Vice has lost that independence that really hooked me at first. Seeing this puff piece on a Trumpite just makes me sick. It used to be that Vice would focus on the small scale and fringe, but now it’s just hobnobbing with the corporate elites. Vice has lost its identity.

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