Anti-Islamist Riots in Germany: Hooligans Against Salafists

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Demonstrations held by the far-right group Hooligans against Salafists — also known as HoGeSa — have recently gained momentum in Germany, as they organize marches in cities across the country. While the group claims to be protesting against Islamist extremism, the movement is widely accused of harnessing Islamophobia as a means of spreading racism.

VICE News followed the Hooligans against Salafists movement from its first full-blown demonstration-turned-riot in Cologne, which was attended by 4,800 people. We also met with Islamic campaigner Sven Lau, who recently rose to infamy by starting a “Sharia Police,” and has consequently been used as a prominent example of the “Islamic invasion” of Germany by the HoGeSa movement.

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35 thoughts on “Anti-Islamist Riots in Germany: Hooligans Against Salafists

  1. God is great ☝
    لله وأكبر ☝😍 .
    (ولن ترضى عنك ليهود ولا نصارى حتى تتبعا ملتهم ) أشهد أن لا إله إلا لله وأشهد أن محمد عبده ورسوله .😍😍😍🙌

  2. All I see is mobs and terrorist breaking their own windows, causing riots “peacefully” and acting like Hooligans. Pun intended. Seems like the Muslims here are much more peaceful.

  3. The cops will tell you most agree with the rioters! They have seen white women raped an noses cut off! There were 12 Muslim boys at my university town that I live in they raped six white girls! 😡 some of my young fraternity brothers called me and asked what should they do I said give me 10 minutes and I’ll be there I brought a tire thumper I brought a baseball bat and I brought a buck knife I told them all to find something similar the Muslim boys were not prosecuted because the girls said they all looked alike to them so to us every one of the 12 Muslim boys were guilty they were beaten their hands cannot hold anything anymore they can’t walk they can’t even sit up in a wheelchair and there’s not one stinking curry smelling Muslim in my town anymore! You’ve got to kill them until they voluntarily leave! Japan made it clear they were not welcome in Japan they were run out of Japan

  4. Assalamualaikum
    I am from Indonesia, and i am muslim, and i am live peacefully with my neighboor which is christian and protestan, i dont understand why all of you guys think that Islam is crime, the real Islam is peacefull guys, please not being racis,

    From Muslim Indonesia

  5. I'm Ukrainian and I love Germany. I've always dreamt to immigrate here….but at first I should to learn Arabic and take Islam or "the real Germans" would beheade me. ALLAHU AKBAR!

  6. A man gathers Germans to fight alongside ISIS. And what did the Government did? There is something really wrong happening inside these countries. Just Kick them back to their shit holes!

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