Chinese Multimillionaire Dupes New York's Homeless

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When Chinese multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao placed ads in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal announcing he would buy lunch for 1,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers before handing them each $300, the city’s poor were understandably excited. That excitement would soon turn to anger.

This past Wednesday, VICE News attended the circus-like event. Two hundred and fifty disadvantaged people — not the 1,000 advertised — were treated to lunch at the swanky Central Park Boathouse. And none of them were told that there would be no cash handout.

When they found out, things turned ugly.

Hundreds of NYC’s Homeless Were Duped by a Chinese Millionaire Today:

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36 thoughts on “Chinese Multimillionaire Dupes New York's Homeless

  1. Mr. Chen made a promise to the people, and should fulfill his promise no matter what anybody says. By lying to the people, he has caused them to lose faith in humanity. Some of them were probably going to buy an instrument to help them earn more money for their future. Who knows. I'm sure their not all on drugs. If anything maybe just a few of them.

  2. VICE should change the title of this video. Mr. Chen didn't dupe anyone. He handed over the check, and was true to his word, but the mission probably convinced him to give it to them (which i kinda understandable, because the homeless people will probably blow it on booze and drugs which i why most of them are in that position in the first place.)

  3. I guarantee you if you go through this Charities books you will find that you will see that there's a lot of money being spent on Administration fees that should not be being spent there it should be on helping the homeless it's all a scam just like a lot of the other charities in New York nothing but the scam and they should lose their tax-exempt and the federal government throwing eggs don't want it on them I guarantee you you will see that there is a problem with the majority of these charities in New York

  4. And the charity got the $90,000 were 20 cents on the dollar goes to and the other eight 80 cents on the dollar gets spent whatever way they want to as usual these Charities make the money because that's all they do is make the money they don't spend it on what they're supposed to be spending it on

  5. I went to Africa, this man was cooking a little tiny chick, with thw biggest smile on,his face, he caught it a small Cornish hen, for his family if four, I could of eaten 2 of these. He was sitting there with the biggest proudest fucking grin on his face with his family cooking that chicken over a,burning tire and just so fucking lucky , to provide for his family, I think about that guy sometimes when shit seems hard.

  6. Most well dressed homeless folks I've seen. The mission took the money to run the mission…many of these folks aren't homeless, just looking for $300. I would have loved to have a liquor store on that block after the $300 was given.

  7. funny part is, none of them are poor that lives in central park, they're freeloaders wanting free money and food, all of them were well dressed that were clean shaved, if they were poor, where's their shopping carts, why do they not have beards, how can they afford backpacks and clean shirts? they're only mad because they got busted for being phonies

  8. Think folks,,, what's in it for this commie. He will take all this film back to communist China, and say how bad it is here. "Look, we had to feed all these average Americans". You find insight sometimes by asking the other guy what does he get out of it.

  9. What a one-sided piece. Clearly this journalist skipped the day when they taught "objectivism" and "journalistic integrity." Oh, no! Millionaire wants to do something nice for homeless and instead of giving them money they can inject in their veins he gives it to an organization that has a proven track record of doing good for the homeless. HOMELESS: Rabble, rabble, rawr! We are so angry our valuable time has been wasted! RESPONSE: You are homeless. By definition, you are NOT GOOD WITH MONEY and your time is valueless or people would pay you for it. Mr. Chen did the right thing by rerouting that cash donation to a place where it could not be misused.

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