Inside The Making Of "Mother!" (HBO)

In another installment of Storyboard, VICE News chats with Mother! director Darren Aronofsky, about the inception and production of his latest controversial thriller.

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49 thoughts on “Inside The Making Of "Mother!" (HBO)

  1. This was a really good movie for anyone who loves thrillers. The best way to describe it is like the worst possible house guests that you could imagine combined with Leonardo Da Vinci’s Code different levels of hell.

  2. To people not relating to the "horror" part of this movie; It is truly a horror movie, not the way you get scared right in the face, but it's an horror to the brain.

    I recommend everyone to watch it one time before searching for the meaning of it all, then watch it again and the movie becomes a masterpiece.

    If you would like to watch some of Darren Aronofsky previous work i would strongly recomment "Requiem for a Dream", one of my top 10 movies.

  3. I saw "Mother." It was bizarre, disturbing at times, deeply moving, and I enjoyed it. Mother is an allegory and most people will not understand. Simply, this film is not for the dim witted.

  4. Worst movie I've seen in a LONG time. Not knowing anything about it before watching it was confusing. Having the explication afterwards didn't help.
    "See what was working and what wasn't working"? Nothing worked.

  5. The movie is a masterpiece plain and simple. The cretins of our society are too dumbed down and simple minded to appreciate art when they see it. Even if you are not impacted by the message the filmmaking on display is impeccable and nobody can take that away from it. You have to be a genius to come up with a idea like this.

    I want to see you people try and be artistic. But most of you would probably rather see a conformist generic product featuring mindless action scenes or stories based on true events with a cliched inspirational speech and soundtrack. Thats what people like and thats the reason why daring ideas fall into a dark pit of hatred. Funnily enough the mob of people in the house reminded me of all the people who will probably hate the film (the majority of people), the sheep of our time.

    If you have half a brain you will sit in the cinema speechless until the credits roll.

  6. Vice, Please do a report on how much Urban areas contribute tax wise to the federal redistribution of wealth. Texas takes almost 40% of it's income from federal aid. Why do democratic areas pay the bill for the pious political right? And then also foot the bill for their natural disaster relief?

    Socialism seems to be the only reason that they can fund their state and local governments that are constantly demonizing the people they take from.

  7. the thing is you need a certain amount of intelligence and biblical knowledge to enjoy mother!. Most neophyte movie goers expect to be spoon fed interpretations and plot points and can't read between the lines.

  8. Aronofsky is a God of filmography. All of his previous movies have been very good, my personal favorites being The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream. mother! Can't be as bad as everyone is saying… I'll give it a watch soon.

  9. i love this director the fountain was his greatest film that alone being my favorite movie makes me really want to see this he did pi and requiem for a dream i cant wait to see what this movie will be like

  10. This was one of the most original movies I've seen in a long time. You can't compare it to anything else you've ever seen. People who don't like it never have a good critique of it.

  11. It's a dreadfully bad movie, he tried so hard to impress his lefty hipster friends in Hollywood. It's a movie that tries way too hard but with no real depth or substance.

  12. He’s reaching out to Vice, instead of letting the film stand on its own merit. If you have to be told how deep and thoughtful something is, it’s not. Member how WB had to explain why the Matrix was so deep? No? That’s because the film stood on its own.

  13. It's Pretentious and Slow paced. Not to mention the countless biblical references that only make sense for certain scenes but not for the whole Plot.

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