Best of the Week – January 18, 2015 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of January 18, 2015

JRE #602 – Ari Shaffir & Duncan Trussell –

edited by Mischief Makers Productions (
intro by Marius Hjerpseth

26 thoughts on “Best of the Week – January 18, 2015 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. Deep man! Seriously tho Ive hit that reset a few times and my advice is that when yr reboot feels successful then stick with it and only take small amounts of hallucinogens after(not enough to reset I mean). Good luck!! ✌👍

  2. I love this clip, it always helps to keep me grounded and reminds me that when blasting into space on psychedelics, that I have to come back wisely to add value to myself and others.

    I know people who just use them/want to use them to get 'fucked up,' how would you deter people from having this attitude towards them?

  3. I love how those 3 guys where sitting in Las Angeles and used Detroit as a pollution example. Look at what is all around you. Believe it or not Detroit does not put off that much pollution because almost nobody lives there anymore.

  4. Duncan was annoying me last year but he seems to really be coming into his own as a wise, caring, worldly individual. I see his comedy and his brand starting to take off in the next two years!

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