What a Bootcamp for Political Campaigns Is Like (HBO)

Working on a political campaign is notoriously one of the world’s shittiest jobs. It’s long hours, for low pay and little thanks.

But a handful of big Democratic establishment groups think they have a solution. They’re funding ARENA Academy, a program to teach political newbies how to win elections without sacrificing their souls.

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22 thoughts on “What a Bootcamp for Political Campaigns Is Like (HBO)

  1. Ah… the far left. Never in shape. Never very bright. Take care of yourselves first – then you can have a shot at telling other people how to live. Until then: participation trophies for everybody!

  2. They are just being combative at this point. There is no goal here other than to defeat the other side. They have become so absorbed by their own personal rage that their beliefs and values have become muddied, confusing, and hateful. Perhaps they will win a battle or two, but this whole 'progressive' movement will die soon enough, and they will lose the so called 'war' from friendly fire.

  3. I think the best canpaig would be like a week of community engagement where the people representing the party engage in all sorts of good dids towards the community as a demonstration of what they would expect if the party wins.

    The people for the people, a spirit of solidarism and community.

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