World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: The VICE News Interview

Twenty years ago, Jim Yong Kim was an activist calling for the abolition of the World Bank. Today, he’s its president. VICE News met with Kim to discuss the World Bank’s past efforts to fight poverty and its struggle to stay relevant in a changing world.

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35 thoughts on “World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: The VICE News Interview

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  3. 2.05 he says they have a choice – WELL YES AND FUCKING NO. If you're hanging off a cliff edge and somebody wearing gloves covered in spikes offers you a hand up, YOU HAVE A CHOICE, but not really.

  4. I just saw Jim Yong Kim on PBS tonight (June 9th) talking about being better prepared with funds to stay off diseases quicker like ebola in 3rd world countries. He sounds very intelligent and proactive. So my question is: What is the problem with the World Bank helping the world? (Note: I know a lot about the NWO and much of the bad stuff happening, but I do not know much about the IMF, or World Bank or their supposed plans or (their real concealed) plans, if any.

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  6. When I read a piece of the description quickly, I read "Twenty years ago, Jim Yong Kim was an activist calling for the abolition of the World Bank. Today, he’s its president."

    Then I started the video, and heard 3 more times the same thing (argh).

    Why the repetition?

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  8. Check out "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
    by John Perkins. A former insider telling the truth about how debt in developing countries is used to exploit and enslave the people

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