Libya's Endless Turmoil & Columbine Anniversary: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the April 19, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:09 It’s day two since the Mueller report dropped and while we did get a lot of information from the redacted document, it also raises some questions

7:36 “There’s a bigger issue here in the House. You’ll have progressive members jumping over one another to file for impeachment,” Rep. Matt Gaetz on the Mueller report

11:31 There’s renewed fighting in Libya right now. General Haftar, who was loyal to the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi, is trying to take Tripoli and force out the UN-backed government. Thousands of civilians are trapped in the crossfire. Vice News explains what’s going on, and how we got there.

14:12 As the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting nears, VICE News meets school shooting survivors to see what has changed and what hasn’t about America’s perception of school security.

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30 thoughts on “Libya's Endless Turmoil & Columbine Anniversary: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. The notion that America has an easy solution to school shootings just waiting in the wings is, to me, a fallacy. Columbine happened during the last Assault Weapons Ban. As long as any access to firearms or weapons in general remains there will continue to be school shootings/killings. They may be on a smaller scale, but Virginia Tech was committed with 2 handguns and 32 people were killed. The US, unlike others, has a constitutional amendment which, as of D.C. vs. Heller, does recognize an individual's rights to own firearms. Thinking that banning a certain firearm or types of firearms will stop people from murdering is as naive as the US was when it thought killing Bin Laden would end terrorism.

  2. YOU KNOW FOR A FACT AT 2:44 THEY WERE LIKE "HEY MAKE SURE THE HIJAB GIRL IS CLEARLY VISIBLE TO SHOW HOW WOKE WE ARE". They probably hired that chick for that express and sole purpose. Get fucked vice

  3. This is life in 2019 “the rich have their own laws(money buys u get of jail card ) we the citizens have to go by local laws.the rich rule us,we are always the second class.its sad that we let them get away with it☮️

    WITH OUT TAKING THE DECISIVE NEXT STEP ??? – Why do you think we don't have any active shooter drills in NY city schools? Because ain't no punk ass kid upset with life is ever gonna get his hands on a gun out here that easily. Thus no one even bothers none !!!! Plus what is all this focus on some bogus recognition you really think that was it for them hell the f no most just wanted stupid/idiotic/unhinged revenge more than any recognition tell you that rite of the bat.

  5. There's evidence that Russia targeted their attacks to states like Michigan, Wisconsin etc., the three or four states that gave Trumplethinskin his electoral college win. How can Mueller or the FBI not see the link of Manafort giving Russians private polling data and that they wanted to target those select states?

  6. I came here for Libya's news but left with question like, "Did the Russians change the votes (electronically) or did they put out fake news?" the former is serious stuff the later eh! not so much. Then came the Libyan news, Well! they've got muslims in it so i don't expect any different. It's either absolute tyranny or total chaos. there's no inbetween.

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