Settlers, Olives, and Occupation: Voices from the West Bank

In response to last year’s Gaza conflict, the Israeli government announced the construction of further settlements in the West Bank — a move condemned by the international community for escalating tensions that were already highly fraught.

The expansion of the settlements has consumed privately owned Palestinian land, causing the destruction of Palestinian homes, produce, and livelihoods. Despite Israeli settlements taking up only one percent of land in the West Bank, they now exert control over 42 percent, with settlement boundaries often 10 times larger than the settlements themselves.

VICE News traveled to the West Bank to speak to displaced Palestinians and activists who are trying desperately to address the grievances that boiled over with such horrific consequences in 2014.

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24 thoughts on “Settlers, Olives, and Occupation: Voices from the West Bank

  1. Eye witnesses claimed the boy was only throwing rocks? Uh, what witnesses, what are their motives, and why are they more credible than the Israeli army witness accounts?

  2. Just throwing stones are you stupid people have been killed with bricks and stoned to death there is no difference in throwing stones and shooting bullets they are both an aggression simple as yes guns may be more precise but still dont bring stones to a gun fight if you dont wanna die stop throwing shit

  3. the muslim american journalist looks like satan reincarnated with that mask on his face every muslims true face they are animals whwen they kill and mame its preotecting islam and wen they get an befitting reply its occupation what

  4. I hope one day people will be able to live together peacefully no matter what their ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age, etc, without governments to make their lives hard and make them hate each other.

  5. Am I getting this right…
    So the settlers from another country, are moving in to these people homes where people were forced, harrassed and threatened by the other country…all their things are still there but because they left, settlers are moving into their homes an calling it theirs…so now these poor people LOST their hones…AND THEN when they come back their home NO LONGER BELONGS TO THEM…they lost their home…??? Is that basically what it is…???
    Well HELLO…!!! Yeah I would be pretty PISSED OFF…!!! When they fight to get their homes back you basically kill them…!!
    Ok, now…YOU people over there…answer this question…
    Wouldn't you be PISSED OFF…!!! and if you say NO, you
    are LIEING…!! On top of all this crap, after over 100's of years all of a sudden your saying a river belongs to you and they can't swim in it anymore because YOU SAY SO…??? Now your saying it's Holy…??? You people that are changing everything uprooting everyone's lives BECAUSEV YOU ARE CREEDY SELFISH SCANLESS EVIL
    PEOPLE…and God ok'd this…??? I know this is most defanetly NOT APPROVED BY GOD…you got SUCKER'ED in Satan TRAP…YOU FOOL'S YOU IDIOT'S…You fell for this outrages Obvious TRAP…???
    God had NOTHING to do with this evil act…!!! You should be ASHAMED Of yourselfs….my God is a loving, kind
    compassionate God…Hate, killing of woman and children and all family's because of GREED…??? It has nothing to do with God…you just want people to THING IT IS…
    What is it that you can say, that makes any type of sence, X that what you are doing is right and fair…you didn't even have the decency to offer these poor people, you forsed and make leave somewhere to stay, NOT EVEN A
    TENT… Satan tricked you abd got you doing his work…
    Please if I'm wrong, explail to me your version of what I see and what is plainly obvious…
    Yep, that's what Jesus would have done, right…???

  6. Left wing cows, roaming in Israel. The Arabs lost the war, a war they started. They are lucky they can enter there. The arabs are hateful, violent and evil.

  7. While the violence in Jerusalem has been ongoing for three thousand years, the land of Cannan as described in the Book of Genesis was promised to the seed of Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3), Jacob, who came to be called Israel (Genesis 28:1-14_ 32:28); and it shall be so _Zechariah, ch.12, 13, and 14; period

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