What The Most Important Voters In The Democratic Base Think Of The 2020 Candidates (HBO)

This week marks the official start of the 2020 cycle. After months of chatter about it, Joe Biden finally announced his run for president. That means the field is, for the most part, set.

And it means that Houston was the only place to be.

On Wednesday, activists and organizers gathered on the campus of Texas Southern University for the first-ever She The People candidates forum — an event aimed specifically at addressing the concerns of women of color.

These women, especially black women, are the most reliable Democratic voters. To win the nomination, you have to win them over. But ironically they feel like their voice isn’t really heard in politics. She The People was meant to change that.

VICE News traveled there to find out what the real Democratic Party base thinks of the dull Democratic Party presidential field.

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43 thoughts on “What The Most Important Voters In The Democratic Base Think Of The 2020 Candidates (HBO)

  1. Joe Biden is very much an institutional racist, plagiarist, exaggerator, liar and sexist. for example in 1975, Biden told a Delaware-based weekly newspaper the following about Blacks: "I don't buy the concept, popular in the 60's that we (whites) have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start or even hold the white man back, to even the race. I don't buy that."

    He has attacked women's health. He cheated (plagiarized) in law school. He did the same trying to get a few Presidential nominations. I want people to open their eyes and stop playing with this. It is not about getting Trump; it was supposed to be about helping the American people rise as a nation. We are supposed to defeat poverty not put more in it. We have consigned ourselves to the life of the walking dead with no hope of redemption.

    This is becoming more and more shameful. We must only look at FDR's "Letter to the Democratic Convention" to gauge ourselves. We need to alter the course as we have strayed so far from the left. FDR was one of the truly greatest Presidents ever. Allow him to depart some knowledge about taking special interest money, corporate money, etc. Read his warning to the future generation. Dare to be better; dare to be progressive.

  2. All Republicans and their Russian supporters need to do is pay to support 2 or 4 of Biden’s competitors in order to divide the Democrats into entrenched camps that won’t back the ultimate run by Biden for the presidency. It will Clinton/Trump 2.0 and Democrats will fall for it again. Why you say? Because Facebook and Google still exist and run on paid ads!

  3. we want these strong women to vote in the republican party:

    republicans are for low unemployment, booming economy, $$$$$$$$$$, low taxes, get the government out of my day to day business, i dont want college tuition or paying for illegal immigrants, I dont want 40000 illegals arriving to my city any time soon, also a strong military.

  4. These women are delusional about the ability for black women to swing a national election. Look at the states with the highest percentages of black people e.g. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. Only Maryland was blue in 2016. Not your job to save the world? How about you focus on your state, because without that your vote means nothing.

  5. Black people aren't gonna come out unless REAL black agendas (no people of color BS) come to the forefront if not then dems can kiss the 2020 election goodbye 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  6. Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill and Sanders signed it. Yet Harris is the only one taken to task for the criminal justice system. Just as white women were some of the harshest critics of Hillary Clinton. I find their hyper-criticism of Harris troubling. But these women's assessment of Sanders and Warren are spot on.

  7. Their take on Bernie is very sad considering without him Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t even be discussing the issues she does now and Bernie literally changed himself to a black women who was protesting with him for equal housing rights.

  8. Rep. Gabbard is the only candidate that matters. Unless we stop all these useless regime change wars we wont have money for the rest. That the others don't get that is concerning.

  9. You can say what you want, but sanders has and continues to fight hard for people of color. Sanders was the only presidential candidate to go to a reservation and not only speak but listen to the people. Warren is good but I don't support a person who uses a race for personal gain and what has she done to include natives. Nothing.

  10. So people are going after black women who say they’d support Biden over Bernie but not the large portion of Bernie bros that supported Trump over Hillary? Where’s the ideological congruency in that? 🤔

  11. I made 425k net last year, If I'm taxed more mlik laying off employees, pay a Lil more my employees and still make 425k.
    Companies does loose profits, neither am I. Give me more tax breaks and I'll gite others.
    I'm all for helping people, but we have hundreds of thausands of unfilled jibs that could be taken that we don't do because we think it's beneath us…. How about you tie in welfare with job employment, like pa has 17k jibs available ,why is someone collecting welfare when you have so many entry jobs for people?
    If you're elderly or disable, go for it, if you're just lazy and want a hand out… Go to Venezuela, they need more mindless idiots that do what the government says.
    I'm a Democrat BTW

  12. This shows Bernie's problem with race and how he should stop treating issues particular to black americans as working class issues just to appeal to midwesteners.

    Thats why I back Warren, but Sanders is 2nd. After that I really don't care

  13. Warren?? Really?! Warren?! You're going to say that Warren is a better nominee than Sanders?! She shilled for Clinton. The woman is an elderly actress. Nothing more.

  14. Thinking a black woman will vote for a black woman just because she’s a black woman IS WHATS WRONG WITH OUR WORLD!!! That’s the absolute dumbest, most offensive shit I’ve heard all day. Vice is trash.

  15. I haven’t exactly aligned my vote yet but seriously? Are people considering Biden? The guy was only loved because he was seen next to Obama who isn’t even great. But he actively protested against desegregation what is this????

  16. fucking vice news… "real democratic party…." "dull presidential field" … propaganda pushing for a trump or corporate candidate win. they must stop bernie and tulsi at any cost…

  17. Bernie does NOT just say “we’ll give you free _____” – he has spoken many times about his plans of how to pay for things like healthcare and affordable college. His ideas are very similar to Warren’s; taxes on the ultra wealthy, and taxes on Wall Street speculation.

  18. It just proves that most voters are ignorant of the candidates pasts which should be the biggest factor when deciding. Not what someone is saying today.. Bernie only meant to express that he’s been in the fight for equality since the beginning & continues to fight. His record is congruent & his words genuine. Only other genuine candidate is Warren tbh.

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