RAW COVERAGE: On the Ground in Venezuela

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Archival footage of our coverage in Caracas, Venezuela.

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38 thoughts on “RAW COVERAGE: On the Ground in Venezuela

  1. Stop lying to the world. Those aka "students" are such a vandals . That day they destroy and steal furniture, computers and tvs from a government office few blocks from that square, is that a peaceful protest? Do you think that a peaceful protester use weapons to shoot people trying to disarm barricades to have the right of free transit are peaceful ? Such a big lie ! Venezuela is a peace territory

  2. Vice. There are Venezuelans online saying that the GNB ( Guardia Nacional Bolivariana ) is actually formed by Cubans. It would be really interesting if you guys could investigate that.

  3. It's official. All governments that are part of Foro de Sao Paulo voted against sending a team of observers to Venezuela. Maduro is not alone! SOUTH AMERICA NEEDS HELP!!!

  4. To all dear Europeans and North Americans who think they understand the world cuz they watched Michael Moore's movies; If Bolivarianism is good and the British American imperialism is bad… Please, Please exchange passports with me. I'd love to leave all this "goodness" to live under the oppression of the British-Yankee evil Empire

  5. im listening in ffrom my room, and to me it sounds like bane from the dark knight rises is talking……… live updates from venezuala caracas on youtube… im shaking scared for these people and this circumstance…….

  6. What a cheap lame ass video/report….. Not even an interview with the people in the streets or with the police and security. Cobardes de mierda son estos de VICE……

  7. um if its live why is not dark right now, I live in mexico, an earlier timezone and it is pitch black right now……so whats up with that.

    1208 am as of this post, it is not 1208 in this footage, explain your definition of live please.

  8. @Hari Shah basically after the death of Hugo Chavez (aka baby Fidel Castro) his vicepresident Maduro took over, and Maduro is worse than Chavez, he is more violent and plain crazy, he once said that Chavez manifested to him in the form of a bird, and gave him advice. Last year elections were called and every soul in Latin America knows that they were faked to favor Maduro, who not only has bankrupt the country, but has destroyed every freedoom right posible (he put out of business most of the big newspapers that he could not manipulate, and the other ones, since Venezuela does not produce paper,  he just stoped buying paper and they were forced to cease operations, he kicked CNN out of the country, he has no respoect for private property (since Chavez, private property does not exist in Venezuela) and has called his followers (basically the poor who the goverment supports, basically owning them since the goverment gives them everything in exchange for their support) to take arms against the oposittion who want to free the country. Basically right now the country is divided almost at a 60-40 rate, and all of Latin America supports Venezuela and its people to free their country and take down the Comunist dictatorship of Maduro.

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