Best of The Week – July 21, 2013 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of The Week of July 21, 2013

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JRE #376 – Bryan Callen –
JRE #377 – Duncan Trussell –

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  1. Regardless of the Fundamentalist Mormon theory on the female menstrual cycle, they are morons because they have chosen to believe in the doctrine and theology of Mormonism. Their female menstrual cycle theory is just an extension of the their twisted religious foundation.

  2. i cant stand people like duncan trussell though just going off on his what if bullshit I mean some people are just more susceptible to that kind of thinking when its really a lot of non sense. Like my family believes in ghosts and I'm like what do they live in another dimension? and they said well i think its just something we don't understand? like wtf is that supposed to mean you literally just said nothing. It would be unlikely that science didnt detect it and philosophy did

  3. I have no issue with polygamy as long as everyone is an adult and it's 100% consensual. People should be able to live how they want. However when it's based off brainwashing, cults and child abuse, hell no!

  4. LOL but how can you be absolutely certain that you cannot disprove anything thing with absolute certainty? It really comes down to whatever terms you decide are valid in determining what's true and what's not; what constitutes "proof" and what doesn't. That's philosophy, and the funny thing is the more we discover about the nature of reality and the universe through science, the broader those philosophical terms seem to get. String theory? Simulation theory? Holographic universes? WTF?!!

  5. We think it's silly that people once thought the world was flat, but it wasn't silly to believe it back then. Today, quantum physics is describing a reality that is much different than what is described to us by the five senses. Our natural capabilities of perception are relatively very limited, but one thing we can recognize throughout the universe is entropy. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that things are more connected than it seems. Science hasn't told us everything just yet.

  6. They often keep the different sub-families in different houses. It's atypical for polygamists to have the entire family under one roof. Segmenting the women to avoid the synchronization may be possible. Although they're also known to be unusually close ("sister wives") which would negate any separation.

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