Palestinians Spying For Israel Risk Execution By Hamas (HBO)

Spying for Israel is perhaps the most shameful act of treason a Palestinian can commit. And yet a network of hundreds of Israeli “collaborators” within the Gaza Strip forms the backbone of Israel’s security operation in its most hostile and troublesome neighbor.

After the assassination of a top Hamas official by suspected Israeli collaborators last Saturday, Hamas’ long and intense operation to root out these informers has been further escalated. What causes Palestinians in Gaza to commit this treachery? For a few, it’s ideological. But for many, Israel’s blockade of Gaza has left them with little choice: betray your nation and risk execution by Hamas, or face some unendurable loss or humiliation at the hands of Israeli security forces.

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23 thoughts on “Palestinians Spying For Israel Risk Execution By Hamas (HBO)

  1. HAMAS are truly EVIL. They treat the people in Gaza like animals. They steal MILLIONS of dollars in aid intended for the Gazan people and keep them living in fear. HAMAS do NOT want peace! They could have peace any time they wanted! But no! They want the total annihilation of the Jewish people, and will sacrifice their own families to do it!
    Just disgusting degenerates.

  2. It;s hard to understand your message without this being translated to English, many do no speak Ye dish or Hebrew? Surely, if you can afford to produce a video you can afford to hire interpreters?

  3. Israel should protect Palestinian informants.
    Move them to a safe place in Israel after mission. Israel must do the right thing for people putting their life and family at risk.

  4. These traitors deserve execution. And they'll go to hell with Zionists instead of going to heaven like all Palestinians. Let Israelis built new cities in all Palestine then we will kick them out. U.s won't save/support them forever. History shows 109 countries couldn't be enslaved and brainwashed to do evil for Israelis forever. They've tried for thousands of tears to steal everyone's land. From exodus they genocides every between Egypt and Palestine. They're still trying same today. Take a hint slow learners you've always failed eventually. Even your bibles say world will all destroy evil Israel and your gay Antichrist moshiach

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