VICE News Daily: Beyond the Headlines – Mar. 5, 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Russia wants Moldova, suicide in the US Military, medical marijuana ads, and Afghan ISAF base workers.

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Russia Wants Moldova Too
Russia’s trying to woo back it’s former soviet republic Moldova — a land-locked Eastern European country that’s a bit bigger than the state of Maryland.

New Research On Military Suicides
Researchers reveal most of the Army’s men and women with suicidal tendencies had them before they enlisted.

First Medical Marijuana Commercial on Major Networks
The first medical marijuana commercial is now on air on major networks like FOX, CNN, ESPN and Comedy Central. It can only air after 10pm and it can’t run alongside family programming.

Afghan Base Workers Left In Dangerous Limbo
With the US and NATO set to leave Afghanistan by the end of this year, thousands of Afghan workers on ISAF bases will be out of a job and in a dangerous situation.

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21 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond the Headlines – Mar. 5, 2014

  1. Why doesn't Russia try to go EU themselves? Holy SHIT, the improvement that would make to it's economy and respect level. Yeah, it's a tough sell to old, orthodox catholic, Stalinist farts, but it would be a coup to their youth and livelihoods.

  2. Great, I really like these news. I wish they were a bit longer, but I guess you guys still lack the resources to make this into a full blown news show.

    One thing that kinda confuses me are your transitions. I noticed this in your previous bits aswell. This time I really stumbled and thought "What? Russia's soldiers are suicidal? What has that to do with Moldova?". I'm not sure how other people see it, but just for some constructive criticism I'd suggest making the transition more noticeable. It would probably suffice, if there was a short verbal pause at the beginning of each clip.

  3. Hey Vice!one suggestion – please give note when changing topic. It will give your news much more structure as it was quite hard noticing the topic change from Russia to the us army. Otherwise, thank you for a great channel

  4. Like Anatoliy Golitsyn said: communism (USSR&China) faked their fall in order to regain economic power so they can start again the conquer of the world. Today Crimea (self-governed state in Ukraine), tomorrow Moldova (Separatist and self-governed state of Romania) then the world!

  5. Weed is a dangerous drug. This one time My sister injected 5 weeds at a party. The paramedics tied to save her but her brain melted on the operating table.

    RIP little sister

  6. There seems to be no transition in her voice when she started talking about suicidal soldiers for a minute i thought she was talking about moldovian soldiers and russia making them suicidal or something lol

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