College Campuses Can Be Minefields For Comedians (HBO)

Veteran comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock say that millennials can’t take a joke — but some comics often won’t ever get the opportunity to perform on campus in front of them.

They complain college campuses are minefields of competing grievances and sensitivities for comics whose jokes touch on sensitive subjects like assault or gender,

VICE News went to Boston to talk to three campus bookers — the college comedy gatekeepers — who contend that they’re merely reflecting student taste.

They say they feel old-school comedians are woefully behind the times and need to acknowledge that certain jokes, particularly those about identity and sexual assault, can potentially cause psychological harm. And it’s their job, they say, to protect students from it.

But at New York City’s famous Comedy Cellar, where VICE News talked with standup Judy Gold, nothing is off limits (provided that the joke is funny). Gold also warns students that the “world doesn’t have to adjust” to student sensitivities.

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45 thoughts on “College Campuses Can Be Minefields For Comedians (HBO)

  1. These kind of super-sensitive people used to irritate me beyond belief, and the little glimpses of them that I still get irk me on some level, but honestly I just pretend that they dont exist now.

  2. I feel sorry for the students, once their out in the real world they won’t have these teachers to shelter them from this cruel world. Their was so much the teachers were saying that made me want to scream, the quote that stood out the most was, "adapt or get out" she was talking about the comics, but the same could be said of her students.

  3. I'm a Lib Democrat, and I have to say those "Bookers" are idiots. somehow they can't DISCERN the difference between say a KKK rally coming on campus, let's face it they deserve to be shouted down, and a farging comic talking about shared experience, pain etc. Someday, as we all must do, they will move beyond campus and have no capacity for intellectual discernment. Guess what, the rest or the world won't care.

  4. I feel like this makes it so weak minded individuals never have to be pushed in their thinking. Helicopter mom type of deal. Kids become so sheltered and soft from not being exposed to any real struggle or opposition of thought.

  5. I speak for Social Justice Warriors. They are oppressed. They are victimized. They want to continue to redefine the world. That means redefining language. They are causing a SLOWING in the growth and aggressiveness of white male dominance. They are causing a slowing in the patriarchy. They are causing a slowing in discrimination ––not the first meaning of the word, TELLING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONE THING AND ANOTHER, but the second meaning which basically means HATE SPEECH and HATEFUL ACTIONS. In doing so, they have caused a slowing in themselves of succumbing to the oppressive natures of those responsible for creating unsafe spaces for them, for those body shaming them simply by being in better shape than them, and those intellectually shaming them by simply being more intelligent than them. They want to reclaim language that was once offensive and catapult it into newer meanings, meanings for a new generation of powerful people like them who are changing this world for the better. There is a word that once had a negative connotation and we have all danced around it and even outlawed it as hate speech. Now, in light of these progressive changes they are making, they want to reintroduce this word that defines the slowing remedies with which they have doctored America. Yes, it is time to announce that Social Justice Warriors are RETARDED.

  6. These wusses … yes comedians CAN CAN CAN make fun of whatever they want. You just need to commit to your humorless unhappy Victimhood poor excuse for a life and leave everyone else alone.

  7. How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    What a bunch of tinpoot dictators those bookers are!

    Also the world is not safe so the sooner these snowflake students learn it the more pain they will be able to bear in their future careers and they are going to experience a lot of pain, as everyone does.

  8. Who would want to perform the college nowadays anyways the colleges are filled with stupid twats you know absolutely nothing about anyting who would want to do comedy music art anyting for all those worthless c** they're going to get it anyways they're only in the rap and crap and stupid s*** they have no idea what real comedy art or music is people of 2122 23 years old of age are f**** idiots nowadays they are coddled they are on Twitter and Facebook and all this other worthless bulshit they have no idea what it's like to live without a cell phone to exist without the b***** technology is taking over this world art is not about that at all I consider comedy art so who would want to perform for those twats of a college anyways

  9. " 18- 21 yr old's today are the most diverse there have ever been"……lol Whaaaat? I'd say the 18-21 yr old's of the 60's were one of the most diverse there has ever been…..these today are the LEAST diverse ! They are the complete opposite of the word 'diverse' considering they can't even comprehend a fucking joke!

  10. I don’t see how it’s different from when churches book comedians. There are certain jokes that are not appropriate for every audience. And as much as we complain about people not being able to take a joke, the truth is every can take a joke until the joke hurts them. Then it’s not funny anymore.

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