Czech Pirate Party & Baltimore's Bad Cops : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the January 26, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:26 Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force indictments, a series of investigations which uncovered instances of racketeering inside the city’s police department, come at a time when trust between the authorities and the community is at an historic low. VICE News examines what the case says about the current state of policing.

12:00 President Trump insisted today that reports that he attempted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June were “fake news.”

14:20 In the first in a short series on European populism, VICE News tracks the build up to the Czech Republic’s presidential elections, their ongoing spat with the EU, and the increasing polarization of Eastern and Western Europe.

20:18 Vice News interviews Dave Choffnes, a professor at Northeastern university who built an app that detects carriers violating net neutrality.

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36 thoughts on “Czech Pirate Party & Baltimore's Bad Cops : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Dude that got busted, with the 20,000 needs just shut his mouth, he was slaning dope. Don't cry about it, next time dont get caught. Cops will always rob drug dealers that's just part of the game. This dude gives me the impression that he was flashy with his shit that got the attention of BPD.

  2. Nice Hijab the reporter was wearing inside the mosque. Apparently muslims don't have to conform to the laws of the country they live in, yet can dictate the politics even while being a minority. No wonder Poland, Hungary and the Chec republic want nothing to do with them.

  3. It's funny how nationalists in Europe think that by simply not taking in refugees they're "protected".. I guess the fact that there are no borders simply eludes them.. hard-right nationalism is becoming an infection that needs to be taken care off before it spreads..

  4. LOL the so called 'racist' Czech politician won the election. Watch out VICE, the peasants are at the gates ready to tear down your aristocracy. You cried wolf one too many times.

  5. did i hear "stole $20,000. some of it was drug money"? that's not stealing.. that's not police corruption.. that's not wrong.. i think drugs should be legal, but they arn't.. if the police find money of yours, and its drug money.. they should take it! until the day it becomes legal. come on vice news.

  6. Low research research on gun laws and procedures to get a permit for owning an firearm in eastern europe by vice. Just look it up it is not so easy, there are several tests and categories and you usually cant get a permit to carry firearm around with you just to keep it at your property for the protection of it. To get a permit for carrying it around there must be special circumstances connected to your person. Also for Charlie Hebdo attack the guns used were an blank firearms, the legislation now is tougher on blank firearms but stayed untouched to normal guns in Slovakia. In belgium they were repaired and modified to be operational again (witch requited special tools and skills). Poor jounalism on vice part, you disappointed me 🙁

  7. It's very sad Vice new owners started pushing narratives in their reporting..
    I liked their old reporters and stories more, these ones have too much speculation..

  8. In Czech Republic is actually pretty hard to get gun licence and it involves prove from your doctor that you have good mental health and no mental illness history nor criminal history plus is quiet expensive in compare to Czech earnings

  9. i have a store a block away from that barber shop. and that barber white is right. nothing will ever change in west baltimore cause of the powers that be. police will go back to their misdeeds and crime will continue to be the atmosphere in that city. everything is revolved around crime and anti-crime. family, jobs, church, etc. our foreign concepts. average high school student cant read or write. just think about that and wonder what does the future look like in baltimore city. the same it has ever been and ive been there over 40 yrs.

  10. This coverage made me doubt the credibility of Vice News. The title's a clickbait. You also state that the EU is suing the Czech Republic for refusing to take in refugees. Not true. The Czech Republic is just refusing the proposed quota on immigrants. Nobody should dictate to a sovereign state who should BE moved in there, don't you think? Secondly, as much as I don't like Zeman, I don't like the way the coverage was cut: Zeman with a rifle, bottle of alcohol, a slobbering hillbilly with a rifle who's going to vote for Zeman, an alternative in the form of scientist Drahos (pity he lost, though!). We used to be served this sort of propaganda in communism. And finally the not-much-saying Muslim leader. Did Zeman say that Muslims have a different culture from Czech society? I doubt it, because even I can convert to Islam and still be a Czech through and through, but even if he had done so, look at the people in the mosque. Look at what their wearing. The language they're speaking. Probably even their mentality is different. Islam in not a part of Czech culture. He would have a point then, wouldn't he? I don't want people around me who believe in winged horses flying to the Moon and who take their morals mainly from one book while despising other views. If a child believes in baby Jesus bringing presents at Christmas, fine, but don't make me defend it as freedom of faith. Muslims struggling in the CR – the same storm in a glass of water as intolerance towards spaghetti flying monster adherents.

  11. you can tell that cop they interviewed was part of the problem. he was basically saying it's not my fault and the community is just going to have to learn to trust us nothing's going to change.

    people like him and that task force make people hate cops. fireman don't drive around looking for fires to put out they wait until they're called maybe cops need to take a page out of the fireman's handbook

  12. What the vice won't tell you is that all the presidential candidates including the first round winners zeman and drahos were against immigration and the EU policies. The problem is not as black and white as it might seem. Those quotas are highly disadvantageous to the country overall. The only difference is that zeman wants the referendum about leaving the EU which is plain stupid, all the other candidates just want to try reform it.

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