This is the Modern American Family – The Business of Life (Episode 2)

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The idea of the American family has changed dramatically over the past few decades: Young Americans are marrying later, finding marriage and parenthood to be less central concerns. But what does the structure of the modern American family mean for us, and how much is it costing us? To unpack the issue, we’ve enlisted author Ty Tashiro, New York Magazine’s Maureen O’Connor, and Mona Chalabi of FiveThirtyEight.

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27 thoughts on “This is the Modern American Family – The Business of Life (Episode 2)

  1. Quick tip. Dont bank with Bank of America. Choose a trusted online bank that offers a higher yield on your savings like Ally. Otherwise your savings with Bank of America gets eaten away by inflation

  2. Weddings are a scam. My wife and I spent $44 and were married in a chapel behind the courthouse. My wife's roommate and one of my friends at the time were the only witnesses. We are part of the dreaded Millennials and we have been married for 14 years. Remember that your relationships are yours to define.

  3. My wife and I wen't to Las Vegas in 1996 and got married at the Little White Chapel and have been with each other for 23 years. Granted, our parents knew we were doing this. Our wedding cost us about $200.00.

  4. I have never heard more stupid advice given to people. Most if not all of those people in that panel is going to end up living old and with a bunch of cats with no Children in a nursing home or an apartment. Get it it into your head people you are going to get old one day and especially women are more likely to end up old and miserable when beauty fades and they are no longer desirable. I see it everyday

  5. 10:45 I love how he has to change his answer of yes people aren't marrying, because women are gold diggers and wouldn;t get together with a guy unless he has money, to nah it's the mens fault they just wont propose.

  6. The truth is kids of broken families won't get the message that marriage equates stability or happiness. Also given how education and career takes so much of the early years of peak fertility -so that can explain the low birth rates. Also environmental factors play a large role in our health, in our hormones and general stress level, as well as how often we even meet others…I feel odd now thinking how little I've understood about how social relationships work. I'm a bit of a recluse.

  7. People did not only reach the age of 40. Average life expectancy does work differently. In the past there has been a much higher child death rate and serious illnesses could not be treated. Today we have hospitals, vaccinations and penicilin.
    That was a very illl-informed comment from that panelist.

  8. What utter BS >>> "having more guest in your wedding equates lesser chance of divorce."
    Who paid for this BS research (the wedding industry)? Having more guests actually equates to a higher more chance of divorce rate. Due to higher debt to pay for wedding, due to the couple being more materialistic, keeping up with the Jones, 20-50K wedding is your child's college fund or better investment to your retirement fund. A marriage is a promise/vows to each other, it is not a about nice wedding dress/clothes, expensive rings and inviting 200 people you barely talk to.
    A very modest wedding equates to a couple being less materialistic and thus lower chance of divorce. And that's why divorce rate are high, because you have immature adults on a spending spree and out of touch with reality.

  9. the real reason marriage rates are low is because is men have seen a decade of women screwing men over through marriage. marriage is slavery for men. who gets custody of children women, who gets the house you paid for women, who gets child support and alimony women. why have kids if youll never see them and have to pay a woman for 18 years or more. not to mention there are no regulations on how that money is spent. she could d pens all that money on herself and feed the kids ramen noodles this is completely legal

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