The Battle for Syria's South (Full Length)

Daraa is where Syria’s revolution began four years ago. Now it’s the scene of a forgotten war, in which largely secular Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels — marginalized elsewhere in Syria — continue to lead the struggle against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The FSA are fighting a bitterly hard battle under a virtual media blackout to change the course of Syria’s civil war. If they can take Daraa, they will stand at the beginning of the road to Damascus, the seat of Assad’s government.

VICE News followed the Fallujah Horan brigade of the FSA and their charismatic commander Abu Hadi Aboud as they fight to push the regime out of Daraa’s eastern suburbs.

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28 thoughts on “The Battle for Syria's South (Full Length)

  1. I think everyone who is in syria war are timepass this war is like a game to entertain everyone no results come and you listen the excuse both syrian army or terriost you found everyone is fighting for few reasons like rebel says we put islam in whole syria but they forget that Syria is a Islamic country 😂😂

  2. Ffs do u dickhead even know what Allah Hu Akbar means no u don't it means praise be to God so what if some motherfuckers used it as a terrorists chant it is not them being a terrorists when they tell that their lord is great ffs get Ur facts right

  3. Aaahhhh…..the infamous white helmets…… Can anyone actually properly verify their work and casualty rates? It's obvious that there's a lot of civilian casualties but they do have a reputation for "faking" certain situations.
    I don't know 100% what's going on, both sides will naturally give their own version of the story. Whichever one is true, it's the Syrian people that are bearing the brunt of the carnage.

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