Joe Rogan Experience #1329 – Brian Moses

Brian Moses is a stand up comedian, writer, producer, and host. He is the host of “Roast Battle” which can be seen on Comedy Central and every Tuesday night at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

44 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1329 – Brian Moses

  1. Joke or not, I find lines like what Joe said kinda lame these days ( 01:50:31 ).

    You have an idea that can/could be helpful towards infrastructure/communities, "You should run for President!". It's an idea you could take up with your local government and get them to take it up the chain. My point is though, one "great" idea shouldn't result a line like "Oh you should be President".

  2. PLEASE get Dr. Steven Greer on your podcast! He was on Impaulsive but it was way too short and for the time he was on they just kept butting in.. I feel like he had so much to say

  3. Absolutely spot on when it comes to improving people’s lives who feel inferior. Give them a opportunity to get good at something that gives them a opportunity for a future other than what then the life they see lived everyday by people around them.

  4. Please interview Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Oh right they murdered him for exposing vaccines, chemtrails, Rockefeller medical system and the toxicity of cooked food, all supplements are toxic, the fact that drinking more then a few sips of water is bad for you and that Ice is bad for wounds. Also fact that veganism destroys your body, smoked marijuana hardens inside your body, caffeine and alcohol should never be consumed. The optimal diet is 50% raw fat and 50% raw meat. If everyone followed his research big pharma, industrial food companies would go bankrupt and people would have the mental clarity to avoid becoming mentally unstable hateful SJW liberal loving trannies.

  5. Roast battle would be pretty great if it weren't for the fucking wave. How did that faggotry happen? Its like if a few guys ran out on a basketball court with a badminton net and started playing in the middle of a playoff game.

  6. Anyone catch Rogan trying to inflate Conor McGregor's height because he towers over him when they stand next to each other? lol, Conor is 5'9" MAX, that's his billed height for UFC, so he's not any taller than that. Rogan claims to be 5'8," but if Conor is 5'9" and towers over him, then Rogan clearly can't be 5'8," so of course Rogan tries to claim Conor is much taller than that. What an insecure manlet Rogan is. I was listening to Morning Kombat recently (part of Schaub's MMA podcasts) and the two analysts brought up Rogan and how he's shorter in person. Imagine that.

  7. But Joe in order to fully experience being a woman and get impregnated the software requires full experience. Meaning, you'll be craving those big, long, thick BBC in your ass too or whatever hole you have currently.–This is what's like to be a woman and get impregnated. Also, you have to sign a term of agreement that if there's a software bug and you can't get back to the way you are, you can't sue the company. Are you ready for this?

  8. Is abortion killing a baby or a medical procedure?
    Is lethal injection killing a person or a medical procedure?
    I say it’s killing a human using medical procedure.

  9. You need to get Steve Greer on and get the answers Impaulsive couldn't get us because mike was too busy talking about hooking up with aliens.

  10. Joe is getting way too into the bull semen and hitler connection, run away train and they're both just sitting there trying to use the force to make him stop and then Moses jumps in with a nonsequitor hahaha not has bad as listening to hitler for 7 hours… probably…

  11. Weird Joe didn't talk about the debates but topics were all over it. Yang and Tulsi performance. Slave labor in prison earning pennies and Harris truancy. One of Tulsi attack on Harris was keeping prisoners for cheap labor, the prisoners were being paid about $1/hr to put out Cali wild fires.

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