Inside D.C.'s Most Dangerous Play About A Mueller Conspiracy (HBO)

Lots of people have long forgotten about the whole Peter Strzok–Lisa Page affair, but plenty of conservatives just can’t let go of it. That’s where the play “FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers” comes in.

The new “verbatim theater” production in D.C. focuses on the texts between the former senior FBI agents (Strzok was on Robert Mueller’s team) having an extramarital affair in 2016, who flirted, gossiped, joked — and discussed their hatred of Donald Trump — on government-issued cell phones. They shared their hatred of Trump, mocked his supporters, texted during presidential debates, and expressed horror that Trump was winning. And though the DOJ’s inspector general found they’d had no impact on the investigations into the president, they still fuel conspiracy theories that he was spied on by law enforcement officials out to get him.

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31 thoughts on “Inside D.C.'s Most Dangerous Play About A Mueller Conspiracy (HBO)

  1. So, yall will believe a conspiracy theory that is the Trump-Russia collusion with literally factual evidence to support the theory, but then says THIS is a dangerous conspiracy theory even though there is documented factual evidence to support the theory?!?!? wow

  2. "conspiracy theory" The real conspiracy theory was the was the one that VICE pursued. That Trump colluded with Russia.Lisa Page: "Trump won't get elected. right? RIGHT? Strozk: "No, no, We'll stop it." Which some how was not included in the ig report but was released later. No conspiracy theory just legit concern

  3. Peruse the comments by the trolls and you'll see more evidence the libtards can't recognize the truth. They just reflexively blanch. ( That means to go pale libs)

  4. The “counter culture” of the late sixties and seventies was not about being “edgy” or cool or something, it was really about people fed up with the repressive and all powerful social culture at large. It pushed the concept of civil rights and personal freedoms into center stage; and yes, it was a fun exciting and explosive time. But it was not about being cool or popular. Likewise today we find ourselves finally running out of the coasting momentum of those times so many people took for granted. When we look around we now see the religious conservative pushback has slowly taken up that momentum and this clearly shows that many see inclusion in a not popular or socially conscious group as a mark of being cool and edgy. It seems they missed the entire point of the long ago counter culture as merely a way to get social status—which it most definitely was not.

  5. “Following Milo”? That dudes career is deader than Henry VIII, last I heard he was literally selling his furniture on eBay. Even his degenerate followers couldn’t stomach him after his comments.

  6. Nobody said 'Mueller' one time in this entire piece. WTF? Am I missing something here?
    It seemed to be about Strzok and Page, who I have never heard of before. Kinda try hard but fail Imo

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