Iran Graves & Drunkest Teens In Europe: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the February 11, 2019 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:22 VICE News went to Arizona where Bannon and his team of MAGA avengers raised money and awareness for a private border wall.

9:54 There are four days left before the partial government shutdown and a major sticking point between Democrats and Republicans is beds

14:22 Iran marks 40th anniversary of revolution. Rally against US government and speech from Hassan Rouhani takes place. Sanctions have increased the cost of living in Iran — they’ve also made dying more expensive too. VICE News visits Tehran’s biggest cemetery to look at how Iran’s economic woes are affecting grave-buying.

18:59 Apparently, Denmark has the drunkest teens in Europe. VNT investigates the government’s latest efforts to lower the adolescent drinking rate.

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45 thoughts on “Iran Graves & Drunkest Teens In Europe: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Watch this guy's interview with Bannon then watch the 4Corners Australia interview. BOTH reporters so keen to show their colleagues how 'tough' they are on this 'right-winger' that NEITHER EVER SHUTS UP ! Constant interruptions. The bias is actually shocking to see. And I'm from the LEFT !

  2. "All the racist things the President has said"… I'm no fan of Trump, but I have not heard one racist thing said by him. That stupid ho' is making up fake news…

  3. That afghan dude you got is one of your only reporters that I really don't like. He pushes too hard and goes to fast and doesn't let anyone else say anything. But when you send him to a somewhat dangerous country he shuts his mouth. Wtf

  4. Denmark is a great city and i had very good time when i was there. Denmark has a great transport system with computer driver-less trains.and yes loads of bikes like Amsterdam. They start off at a young there with drinking legally at 16. and their sexual consent age at 15. They also have small town with legal weed, cafes, eco houses. it's called Freetown Christiania. When i was there wonderding about I discovered a naked sauna and when passing the entry, i was invited in . but me being from my prudish background ! i declined.
    København is a clean place with very little crime. so far it Denmark is the only city i felt safe in my travels. 16 or 18 years of age, the teens in this documentary are just like most other teens being loud & getting pissed at festivals as they do in other countries even though legal ages differ 18 or 21. Denmark seems to have it all under control ! with medical help & security watching at these parties. i spent a few weeks there and went out almost evry night to different resturants bars, clubs and i never once seen any drunken street fights break out compared to my own city when leaving the clubs.

  5. It doesn’t matter what side people have so much cognitive dissonance. Saying a wall works so well for tiny Israel, is as stupid as when people say gun control is working so well in Japan or Australia when we have states bigger than all those countries.

  6. Vice news, I don’t watch you to see your reporters act like left wing school children who smirk, cut off, and argue with their interviewees. I watch you for unbiased news that gives facts and shows things the way that they are at face value. Show your reporters how to be real reporters and stop selling out to try to relate to your base viewers.

  7. The funny thing about the attack strategy of the right is that subscribing and commenting, no matter what the content, pays vice and pushes it up the feed for others to see. 🤣

  8. So, Hungary should accept millions of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East to deal with its population decline? Meaning, to stop being Hungarian to save Hungary? Wow, leftist sense really doesn't make sense at all. Perhaps it's like that when sharing your women is nothing out of the ordinary in one's mind.

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