Inside the World Economic Forum in Davos: Leaders of the World, Unite!

Every year since 1971 the world’s elite have gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. What started as a small conference about management has ballooned into a famously exclusive gathering of business people, academics, and government officials.

The stated goals of the non-profit World Economic Forum are noble: the conference is organized around the principle that business leaders should work with leaders of government to address the world’s problems.

But for many, the problem with Davos is rooted in exactly that premise. Critics point out that it’s big corporations, and their wealthy CEOs, that have lobbied for years against higher taxation of corporate profits and better regulation. While some of the world’s wealthiest have become advocates against the policies that some say let them accumulate their billions, critics allege that many are in Davos to simply pay lip service to solving issues like growing inequality or climate change.

VICE News traveled to Switzerland to try and understand what really happens in Davos.

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24 thoughts on “Inside the World Economic Forum in Davos: Leaders of the World, Unite!

  1. There's a book called $uperhubs: how the elites rule…it talks how Davos is one of the biggest networking event among the elites. The rich get richer by increasing their networks, imagine meeting leaders in academia, politics and finance under ONE ROOF…relaxed and ready to mingle and exchange business cards.

  2. Change that stems from this echelon seems pretty RED to me.
    Wanna be a part of their "human capital"?
    Go right ahead and say goodbye to ANY freedom you think you had.

    There is no progress with this people.
    Their plans are set at Bilderberg meetings :/

  3. The point of this was what? Technically, you just informed me that I'm allowed to be poor by the 1% of 1%ers 🤷🏿‍♂️. Woman, in the interview told you how I'll represented Minorities and women were. How does a group at the table, make great decisions on what's best for the group outside?

  4. What are our elected representatives doing at a secret meeting? This is NOT democracy. Just like the Bilderberg meetings it's a sectret society and must be stopped. Members of the Illuminati were hanged for it. This is a conflict of interests.


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  6. Good way of putting it… "a gathering of the 1% of the 1%" who are networking together. The top wealthy 62 have as much money as about 3 billion other people. So that makes them the top 0.0000002% of the world at least in power from money.

  7. The fact that the world is run by ignorant people with too much money saying 'hey what is davos? I looked it up and it looks like a cool place to network' makes me realize once again that capitalism is indeed destroying our world slowly. Not only economically and humanely but also intellectually.

  8. It's really annoying how leftists increasingly whine about diversity anywhere whites and white males are a majority. Some of those people worked hard to get where they are. And just throwing non whites and women in the mix will not automatically make everything better. Forced diversity results in shit outcomes. I want to see a wide variety of people talking about the future of the world too but they should get there on merit. Just saying where are the women and minorities takes away from the idea that people should have equal opportunity and NOT equal outcome, since that is impossible without quotas anyway. And they better not introduce quotas

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