'Leave' voters are willing to give up access to the EU market to stop immigration

Voters who cast their ballots to leave the European Union in the United Kingdom’s recent referendum on membership in the bloc said they would be willing to pay the economic price of severing access to the EU’s single market if that’s what it takes to stop more immigrants from coming to work in the UK.

This is after some prominent leaders of the Leave campaign have backtracked since winning the referendum to say that they may not, after all, be able to put immigration controls in place if they want to keep doing business with the EU.

VICE News sent Simon Ostrovsky to Clacton-on-Sea, a bastion for the pro-Leave United Kingdom Independence Party to find out why its residents were so ready to give up on the European project.

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22 thoughts on “'Leave' voters are willing to give up access to the EU market to stop immigration

  1. my god what a racist you are, you are ignorant, arogant and there is no sense of humanity. The British people lived in the EU, i dont care because they are white, black, yellow. We need people with healthy brains. People like you can stay in England that island in the North Sea.

  2. This is not being racist, it’s common sense.
    Another well informed sheep eating big Nigel’s shit sandwich, with a side order of lies.
    Hope your trust fund in the Isle of Man is going good though Nigel.

  3. More globalist fear mongering . Most countries aren’t in the EU and do just fine .the EU is just Germany bossing everyone else around . Why would you want that ?

  4. Typical yank analysing an obvious problem course by successive governments -it’s that bad even the immigrants are complaining that’s if they’re not already MPs and part of the establishment themselves the truth of the matter is we’ve been getting slowly colonised through years of invading economic migrants

  5. These people are right, Indian communities are for the Indians. So when the English want their own community they are called racist. We are tired of this treatment. Multiculturalism is destroying white people.

  6. i'am ashamed of all the remainers that are happy to be told what they can do and can;t do in there own country we should be aloud to set our own rules on everything and stop freeloaders coming here

  7. Why is he complaining about languages being taught ? Doesn’t he realise that the uk needs languages in order to trade with the rest of the world ? 😂 Britain can’t trade with themselves can they, and also, the other week I went to London and I found the mixture of cultures as something to be proud of, these people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about 🤦🏻‍♂️

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