Rachel Dolezal Tells Us Her Side Of The Story (HBO)

VICE News Tonight correspondent Dexter Thomas meets with Rachel Dolezal to discuss her tell-all memoir, “In Full Color.”

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35 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal Tells Us Her Side Of The Story (HBO)

  1. Since the controversy, Dolezal has been spending her time at home in Spokane trying to rebuild her life. These days she goes by a new legal name, Nkechi Amare Diallo, but she’s using the name that made her famous to publish her new memoir, “In Full Color.” WATCH Next:

  2. If trans men can identify as women, then why can't she identify as black? If society is going to indulge the delusional in their fantasies, why not be fair and do it for everybody?
    Me, I see myself as a Kindergarten Princess Ballerina. Don't let my razor stubble, or the fact that I'm fat and over 60 fool you. I identify as, therefore I am. Antipsychotics anyone?

  3. Seriously I don't see a problem if she wants to identify herself as black. When I tell people I am black they say no you're not you're a Muslim Arab. I guess people who are refusing her are racist.

  4. just remember under all of that bronzer/tanner/etc YOU ARE A PALE CAUCASIAN WOMEN!! “was i voted off the island” darling you weren’t on the island to begin with BYE BISH 😑🖕🏽💯

  5. Her story 😂 her story is that she’s a white woman pretending to be black trying to take advantage of victim culture. This hoe lies to everyone and when it’s found out she blames the “white media” you really can’t make this shit up.

  6. Is this identifying race thing, the same thing as people identifying as other genders? Like you're not black if you're white and you're not a boy if you're a girl…

  7. And she gets mad when she hears the truth. There is no such thing as trans racial. Your DNA will forever that race. To me this is a mental disease. Guess I'll go on and be Asian because I have some of those features. No im black and that's beautiful along with Asian, European, etc. Be yourself.

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