LA Water Wars & LGBTQ+ On 2020: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the June 21, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:16 President Trump ordered an attack on Iran for shooting down a U.S. drone, and then unordered the attack.

6:00 2020 candidates might see the LGBTQ+ community as a block of votes for the taking. Not surprisingly, that’s not what we heard, from a panel of LGBTQ+ Americans.

15:20 For decades, Los Angeles has left some of Owens Valley behind for the ranchers who lease water access from the city. But now, it’s trying to take it away from some 6,000 acres in Mono County.

22:15 Marissa Dabice and Thanasi Paul from Mannequin Pussy stopped by to break down their song “Drunk II.”

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47 thoughts on “LA Water Wars & LGBTQ+ On 2020: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Democrats are perched on a platform of fear and hatred, and centrists and conservatives want social, economic, and foreign policies based on FACTS. That is all we care about. Fck off with your ridiculous arguments bases on feels and abstract reasoning.

  2. I'm sorry I don't agree with trans genders in the military. And you are less than as a trans in America God gave you life and you changed your godly features for some mind reason which is all false that's your poison and you choose it

  3. Marisa song I absolutely would love to hear a 12-inch Club Mix remake of that song either get Barry Harris ( if they give it to him tell him Dr. Remixologist,DJ Drsyncologist,DJ said hello and I put his recommendation first so tell him I said hello and I would love to hear it) or get hex Hector or Victor Calderone, Chris Cox, Tony Moran, or Almighty Records in U.K. they're actually in Great Britain Freemasons to do it there are just so many different remixers out there but the ones I've listed here are the best

  4. Why are these people so consumed with being identified? When can't we all just be humans? Furthermore, it's easy for the horribly out of shape he/she/they on the left, who has never been in the military, to take offense at gender confused people not being allowed in the military. The fact is that their mental instability, and extremely high suicide rates make them a liability in a military setting. Take it from a retired soldier, the military is not developed around making soldiers comfortable. It was created around protecting the country, and your rights. You are unable to accept your sex, but you want me to depend on you beside me in a combat situation? No thanks. Combat has a way of breaking down the most me tally stable people, how much more for someone who is starting out confused, and mentally unstable.

  5. Nobody in that panel identified that the overlying issue in the country is a massive income inequality. Thats the one true issue we share as Americans. The top 1% own us. The last time that happened we built the middle class.

  6. Trump made a logical, peaceful decision… ok. Color me slightly impressed. I was expecting another Gulf Of Tonkin moment. The typical American Military Industrial Complex move… ok.

  7. LGBTQ is a definition of sexual preference, nothing else. They other things are your personality and your gender, which have little to do with your sexuality, or shouldnt anyway. There is no social issues in regards to the LGBTQ community other than 1, same sex marriage and 2 forcing sexual orientation via LGBTQ education to minors.

    All the rest you manufacture yourselves.

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